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Compression Struts / Tie Bar Installation Help

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As we are on this topic....I have made another batch (4-pairs) of tie bar brackets which are for sale. 1 pair is already spoken for (Dave, I'll be posting tomorrow) and the other 3 pairs just need painting (will be done as and when someone wants to buy them).


Also included is the inner angle which is used on the inside of the mono-chassis to spread the load. The corner of the angle is machined off as this creates a better fit.


I will post this properly in the for sale section when I get chance. I've not really put any thought into the price of these however I've previously sold 3 other sets which members have asked for they gave me £25 per set and this seems reasonable to me.



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Details have arrived safe and sound. Its a very comprehensive package. I really appreciate that.   Thanks Chris

Made a big difference! Improved from end grip and now the car feels much more balanced when cornering!   One of the best mods I have done to the car and worth 10tmes what it costs!

Having read the details I have a question for you. The tie bar will swivel up and down, but the bracket you use positions the rose at the least favoured position for this movement. Would it not be bet

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Ps.....I can assure you plenty of blood sweat and tears went into this batch......for those that remember....it was these that I was machining when the "swarf up the nose" incident happened!!!



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If any one wants details of a reasonably priced conv to tie bars please get in touch ! I have run this for some years now ,it works !! details are free just pm your name and postal address to me mower man

hi mower man,am interested in tie bar conversion and. what improvement it makes, at the moment I have a anti roll bar which is in two separate pieces it is cut each side just after the bushes underneath the car and each side is separate
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Hi churchy. Whilst I'm sure mick will happily send you the tie bar conversion details.....I'm not sure tie bars will benefit your set up from what you have described.....

You say that your arb is cut and so both sides of your suspension act independently (not connected by the arb)......well this is exactly what fitting the tie bars achieves and why it's done....to get both sides acting independently.


It sounds like the builder of your car has taken this route instead of tie bars.....but the end result is the same.


The only advice I could give would be to uprate the arb bushes. I'd image that there is a lot of twisting moment going through the bush under heavy braking.


Also....I'd be tempted to fix some box section or rsa under the car across the width to brace the car (add the strength back into the chassis that the full length arb originally provided).


When I did my tie bars, I first considered doing it the same way as your car....but I was going to cut the arb and then sleeve it over the cut-joint so that both sides of the arb could pivot independently but the braking loads would still be pass through both arb bushes as originally designed.





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Sorry to dig this old thread up, but I'm in a bit of a mess. I disconnected my arb assuming I could run it without any Arb or tie bar at all... clear movement with the lower arm, so I need to refit or go ahead (quickly) with a tie bar.

I only MOTd the car in Thursday after buying and rebuilding, so I'm regretting removing the ARB and destroying the bush at the same time.

Anyway, what's the quickest and easiest way to get setup with a tie bar? Is anyone selling a kit that I can bolt together?

I have no machining tools or skill to make much myself.. :(

Advice needed!

Thanks, Richard 

Edited by Richard Thorrington
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