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Iva Date Set

David S

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Got a call from the factory today to say that my car has been booked in for its IVA on Friday afternoon. There are a few little jobs that Simon is doing for me in preparation then it is in for the test. I know that Simon will do an excellent job and won't take it in unless he is 99% sure it will pass.


Then, subject to the pass, Richard thinks they should be able to get it registered with the DVLA on the following Monday and then it is just a case of waiting for the paper work to come through before I can collect it.


All being well, and we are in the hands of the DVLA here, I hope to get it around the 28th. Having said that, I may get them to register it from 1st April so I don't lose a whole months road tax for the sake of a few days. Hmmm, need to think about that one.


Anyway, I feel I need some form of advent calendar so I can count the days down B)

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DVLA ? I had loads of problems with them ! However, the cloud DID have a silver lining.


IVA - Passed 31 Jan - no problems there.

DVLA Went in a week later to ask for help filling out form - Forgot to take Cover note - My fault.

Back home, found Cover note and posted all forms to DVLA.


3 Days Later - DVLA sent everthing back with ANOTHER form to fill out.

Filled out form and posted back same day.


Time passes - rang DVLA - No trace of forms - LOST IN POST !!


Collected together all copies I kept of documents and went into DVLA

Wrote a covering letter explaining Lost In Post - Everything OK


- Er - No. The Cover note had expired !

Back home - Rang Insurance. Yes, no problem will send out a new cover note.


1/2 hour later - no sign of e-mail. Rang Insurance again and this time email arrived and printed.

BACK into Sheffield same day, show New Cover Note


SUCCESS - Got Plating Certificate and Tax disc.


Silver lining? Due to the delay the registration was now after 1 March so a 12 plate not a 61 :)


Next Day - Cover note arrived in the post !!


What Fun :crazy:



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Guest Neil.Pritchard

Good luck with the test .April 1st is a sunday as i will be putting my 2b back on the road , will be spending the day driving around the some of the welsh back roads ,and then onto the coastline weather permitting . All after 12 .00 just in case.

Cheers NEIL

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Thanks Jamie. There were lots of silly little things that need correcting for IVA which is frustrating and could have been avoided with a build manual or IVA guide.


Yes I am having GBS fit me a windscreen and weather gear after the test. They will do it much better than I would and I would like it to be as water tight as possible, just in case.

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