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Longest Build In The World


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Hi all


This is probably the going to be the longest build in the history of this forum.

i have never done anything like this before and have always liked the idea of building a kit car. so anyway after taking the plunge here it is on all four wheels.i have made a few school boy errors on the way and managed to brake the front up right in a vice while trying to remove a broken stud, where the suspension strut is locates in the upright, and then ballsed up my ignition barrel trying to remove the lock a bit to much force oops oh well these are all learning curves i suppose

I have had the kit now for 15 months and only just got it to the rolling road stage. I have bought a few other bit along the way like GRP dash and some smiths dials all hidden away up stairs as the wife doesn't know about them yet.

I couldn't resist in taking it for a quick push up and down the drive while grinning like a Cheshire cat on heat.

This will probably take me another 2 year to finish it off, so i should have no excuses really for botch job

i Just did a quick sum of what i have spent to date and was shocked to fin it came to just over 5K doesn't look much for 5 grand but still well within my 11K budget i planned for the build i hope.

but no doubt i will upgrade a lot more items as i go which i don't really need

i am going to start a blog soon so what out if you fancy a laught


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The time it takes doesn't matter as long as you are enjoying the build process. Some people can devote enough time to build a Zero in 3 months, it took me 15 months and I didn't have too many constraints. Anyway, are you sure your wife doesn't know about the dash and the Smiths dials? I bet she does really :nea:

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Hello Bolton1966,


It doesn't really matter how long you take to build it I think. However, the best advice I had was if you start getting annoyed at it - walk away until another day. That way you will have had time to think over the problem and find another way of doing it.


Oh, as well as the enforced waiting while the part you need is being posted/made/powdercoated/reconditioned etc :)


If you are interested you can check out my web page at:



Most of the written diary was done while on Christmas holidays with my family in Spain. The photos were done at the time.


Welcome to the (mad) world of the Hoodies :crazy:


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Guest chris brown

Not just Ian how about Eric Hetherington he started his build before SVA came in and still hasn't finished and some never get finished I was once told that 70% of 2B's were not finished by the original buyer of the kit.


Sorry Eric couldn't resist. :bad:

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Guest TerryBarry

I have to admit that my 2B is coming up to it's 10th anniversary - and it's still not near completion - I won't even say finis............because I know one never is :sorry:

I think it's about time I amended the 2nd line of my signature - London Olympics - no chance !! :lazy:

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Guest mcramsay

im on 3 years building my zero now....i dropped it off at the gbsc factory last friday to have some pre iva stuff done and for them to get it through IVA, dont do what i did. build it right first time, its easyer than spending a year going over stuff you should have done propperly the first time.

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Guest Sharky

I am just behind you Craig, I think we started around the same time? Unfortunately, that four letter word has gotten in the way for me over the past year! We moved house last summer as well, so I had all the nause that goes with that too, so the kit has slipped to the odd Saturday afternoon! I have only spent about 6 weeks at home this year, so I have just had to take a week off to try and do the final bits on the Zero, pleased to say that it is nearly finished now, just the IVA crap to do, so fingers crossed I will be on the road this summer!

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