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  1. Nick Did you put the acetone on the protection then leave to soak first or use the hair dryer to warm the protection up the add the acetone and peel off?
  2. Cheers chap, beer blood and hard graft it is then.
  3. Hi, Its along time since I've done anything on my car it was 80% complete before I had a 5 year break. But getting stuck back into it now and nearly done. The problem Is, i have started to final fit all body panel and started to un perk the protective protection. Its leaving a lot of residue behind and a proper ba@#$rd to get off. Has anybody got any ideas on what's best to remove this stuff and clean up the panels. It been on about 8 years. You never know I hope to get completed in the next month or so. Any advice welcome Regards Neil
  4. Had a 3 1/2 year rest now time to finish the car

    1. MrToad


      Hi Neil,

      If you need any help in your quest I live in Ashford Hill so easy to visit.

      Happy New Year



  5. Hi all, long time since I have played with the car and posted on here. Can anybody help me, I purchased the gbs loom 1.4 version and all othe sub looms from kit spared gauges, lower dash, etc. but I am having issues with getting things working. First of all with the indicator stalks connected up and screwed in place the ignition fuse kept blowing. So cheeked all earths and are no loose wire etc on fuse box all seemed well, after a few hours I realised that the screw hole on the light switch was live and taking the fuse out. So disconnected the stalks from the steering column screw and left them swinging in the wind,lights worked but only with ignition on. Do the side lights not need perm feed? Another one is the indicators don't work either without the fuse blowing. Help I am fast losing my patients with this while awaiting a phone call from gbs to try and shed light on this. There is me thinking plug and play would be simple or not in this case. Regards
  6. Thanks chaps lets see if she starts first time, fingers crossed
  7. Hi, Could somebody tell me the correct place to earth my starter motor for my new zetec engine or does it not matter as long it's a good clean earth connection. I was going to connect it to the engine mount bolt on the Chassi. It's just because I seem to remember reading somewhere on here that they connected this to the wrong place, however I could be wrong and making the whole thing up. I have the day to myself today and hopefully will give the engine it's first start with a bit off luck, so if you here a bang it's probably my engine Neil
  8. Thanks all for making me and my mate very welcome, fist time i have been to a shown since i bought my kit, it is funny that i could recognise people by there cars and user names on this forum, but didn't have a clue what they looked like. Picked up a lot of useful build tips. Just what i needed to get my motivation back and finish the kit. Neil
  9. It was only a additional £28 on top of the original price of the plenum. Just bought some chrome powder for my powder coater to have a play with, watch this space
  10. GBS powder coated it for me, i have a DIY powder coater but i thought this might be a bit big to cook.
  11. My new shiny chrome powder coated plenum from GBS.
  12. Oops, I might need to get some need pads in that case
  13. Hi, its been a long time since i have had time to play with the kit car, 18 months to be exact. not that i am counting, anyway with all the bit in the garage to finish the car, and a empty back account its time to get busy and finally get it built before i lose interest. I have got a zero chassis loom version 1.4 from kit spares, has anybody got a diagram or pin out reference for the column switches, loom side (what connects to what) also does anybody know if the wiring on the auxiliary switches is the same as version 1.2 as shown on the kit spare down load section. i don't seem to be able to get on the down load section anymore to see if they have uploaded a new wiring diagram or schematic. with a bit of luck on my side, brighter nights coming from this weekend i hope to get the car on the road before the end of summer. Thanks for any replies Neil
  14. Hi, I have a GBS water rail kit with a housing going for grabs with a blue hose if that is any use, unfortunatley I don't want to split it and sell it seperatley Regards
  15. Hi Danny, I Think Simon B on here used to make some fiber glass ones , not sure if he still is or not. drop him a line and check. Regards
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