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Guest Tazza67

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Guest Tazza67

Finally managed to get a bit of time with the car... can't believe I've had it this long already. Anyway it also has it's own bank account so time to make some real progress before I have to leave again!


So firstly the car... a Robin Hood Exmo... purchased while on placement in Bedford back in Nov 2012, currently located in Cornwall.


I have until July before I move away so need to get it as close to IVA ready as possible to enable a weekendish trip back etc.


Main things to do:

  • Fit Seats and Harnesses
  • Wiring (I struggle with it)
  • IVA trim + EXMO IVA changes/modifications

Question time (there will probably be a fair few):

  1. Air filter - Currently running a pinto with the pierburg 2E carb, the new air filter is the lowest I could find and just contacts the bonnet presume theres no issue with IVA? Also the 3 bolts to hold it on any ideas on size etc, no even sure they are meant to be bolted as there not threaded...
  2. Digital Dash - I bought a KOSO RX2N currently without the sensors etc, just got the main unit. Any thoughts on fitting it compared to the standard Sierra clocks for the IVA, bearing in mind that currently there is no speedo cable fitted to the gearbox and I really don't want to / don't have time to take everything out to get at it (access hatch is not ideal either due to the monocoque structure)
  3. Suspension mounts - For the rear semi-trailing arms where they mount to the body they enter the drivers and passenger compartment, any pics or ideas on the best way to 'seal' them off. (Presume thats needed for IVA, plus I don't like the idea of getting soaking wet carpet etc)
  4. Bonnet - From what I've read it seems like they either fit perfectly or take alot of 'fettling' and never really get there. I've got the classic bump/ gap at the top (meeting the scuttle) and a fairly good fit to the nosecone. The problem is the sides as it currently tends to 'push' out further than the body, you can push it inline. Any ideas or anything simple I've missed?
  5. Under dash radius - What have people used to meet the IVA requirements....?
  6. Final question (for now) - As it use to have the swept wings there are a series of holes down the body which obviously aren't any good for IVA. Best thing to fill them/ cover - I was wondering if I can get away with 'Racing stripes' or similar purely for the IVA and then get rid... thoughts?

Thanks for any help!



Few pics:

Air filter base plate


Suspension mounts (apology for the poor quality photo)




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Hi I have an Exmo but it never needed to go through Sva or Iva, the suspension joints on mine are just covered by a shaped alloy box held on with self tappers and silicon sealed and the floor stays dry. Sorry can't help further but as I say I have no experience of the Iva.

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Guest Gargoil

The suspension joints are not covered on mine, it went through the SVA in that condition, as far as I know.

The small gaps that are there, don't seem to have an issue with water ingress.

What are you using to secure the bonnet?

Mine has 4 over centre latches and that is enough to shape the bonnet to the car.

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Seatbelt mounting height to low

I welded tube across roll bar to loop belts over




Roll bar bolted to tub,



triangulation from roll bar to rear seat belt mount




There is a second piece of angle running down rear tub side


Steering mounting flexes

Triangulated to bulkhead


Bottom of dash covered with 40mm waste pipe then yoga mat and vinyl




Seats mounted through floor to forward/aft angle which attaches to front travers gearbox mount and rear tub lip


Pedal box triangulated to stop pedal box movement


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Passenger footwell covered at dash level with vinyl covered plastic sheet 2x sides 1x end piece which covers electrics and scuttle end wall

There is just 1 side piece drivers side centre

Column has standard adjustable steering wheel cowl fettled to fit


For holes in body I found flat round plastic covers at a show or just RAID a scrapyard for plastic trim clips

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