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having just been zapped at 36 in a 30, I read the paperwork which told me the criteria for prosecution is the speed limit plus 10 percent plus 2mph.

In my case I'm 1 over and feel a bit peeved


All due respect but you shouldn't really be surprised or peeved as you didn't get caught 1mph over....you got caught 6mph (20%) over the speed limit....so therefore you was speeding.

The 1mph that you was over for prosecution is irrelevant in my opinion......the speed limit is 30mph, not 35

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Your friend was utterly reckless to have set cruise control to nearly 30 mph over the speed limit - this would be a significant aggravating factor in any sentencing - it's one thing to inadvertently e

cruise control on a motorway, is one of the best things to stop you getting done for speeding, so why set it above the speed limit?

Imay get blasted for this but if you set the cruise for above the limit which is 70 not athe hoped for 90+you broke the law and were caught doing so so expect to pay be banned what ever ,you did it kn

You're right guys. i shoudn't have been doing it.


and I wasn't even trying to go fast. I was moving off from a rural junction in a stream of cars all doing the same thing fairly sedately.



I've no excuse the law is the law.


I suppose my peeve is that they already give a degree of leniency and allowance for innaccuracy by setting plus 10 percent and plus 2 mph as the prosecution level, in my case 35. and i was only 1 over that.


Still, hands up. I done it.


Now booked for my driver awareness day.

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Don't matter what game/past-time/hobby we engage in --- when other people are sharing the same play-ground there has to be rules --- we may disagree with the rules -- we may bend/break the rules -- the choice is ours --- follow the rules (reasonably closely) --- leave the play-ground or expect the referee ( lilly law) to show you the error of your actions.


No rules ??? then keep watching your back.

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That's why the IVA specify that speedos should read at or slightly over the actual speed.


If you were CAUGHT doing 36 mph in a 30, then your car speedometer would have been reading AT LEAST 36 and more likely 40.


Sorry, but if you travel at the car's indicated speed, you will be going at or more likely less than the speed limit.


( Can we now please close this subject ? 54 posts later and this is still going on. Speed limits are there for a reason - so put up with it. :) )



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Not got much to say about speeding. We all know the rules.


For those with aftermarket speedos which have been carefully set up to be far more accurate than the speedos in most tintops be extra careful. When my speedo shows 30mph I really am going at 30.



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