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Blyton Park Track Day 4Th Oct


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First track day for 5 years and omg what an Amazing day and made so much better to spend it with friends.

This morning really taught me a lot about handling...having rarely driven my car hard in the wet (span it twice but no damage). When things dried out in the afternoon, I was really impressed with how my car handled and complimented by the awesome power of the v8!!!


As the afternoon went by, my confidence on the track was growing fast, and I even found myself driving better than I ever have. An engine problem in the last half and hour of the day saw an early end (didn't want to risk hurting the engine by going back out)....the v8 guru (shaft) seems to have the answer and hopefully an easy fix....his weekly visit will be put to good use this Monday!



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The track day was a great experience. In the morning I found out that pressing the right pedal while going into a corner on a wet track was not the best idea I'd had and ended up in my facing the rest of the cars - :o


The afternoon was a totally different experience, when the track dried out it was play time :D

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Yep. The rubber grommet in the rocker cover where the breather 1-way valve sits had slipped down into the rocker cover causing the breather valve to be pressed hard up against the oil slash guard directly underneath. The result was a build up of pressure that pushed the dipstick out of the tube and sprayed oil into the engine bay.

I'm going to replace the grommet with somthing better so it can't happen again.


We also noticed a tapping noise coming from the timing cover area on deceleration.....Nick seems to think its probably camshaft end float however I couldn't get the engine to replicate the noise yesterday.

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not a drip of oil all day until the grommet slipped, and like I said that was only 30mins before closing......so pretty encouraging to know that it's a really simple modification and once done I shouldn't have any breathing problems again.


The electric water pump kept up all day and maintained temp at 85C which impressed me.....I thought I might see it struggle on the track.


Oh....and I'm sure I was the loudest on the day...... the marshall's said I was close to the limit but not over it :)

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Yes that BMW had a real rasp to the exhaust. But yours did sound awesome when you opened her up along the straights ( that's when you could keep it on the straights lol). Seem to recall you thought you were driving a tractor again...did a bit of field ploughing ha ha.

Need to clean mine at some point as it's covered in mud (from my little off) and oil (from a leaky V8).

Managed to pass you a few times though. Can't wait for the blower now...


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