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Possible Engine Swap, It Might Fit

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Whilst my engine and box are out of the car i decided to measure up the the engine bay for the 3.0L v6 thats been sat on the floor in my garage for a while and it looks like it will fit !! now i have a choice to make 200bhp + v6 with great sound and loads of torque or stick to the zetec ? which will be 200bhp once the cams and what not are fitted.... :glare: :glare: the same v6 in my pug coupe goes like stink in a car that weighs best part 1600kg that in a car less than 1/2 that weight would be fun to say the least... going to lower it in on sunday to see if it is a real possibilty

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I vote v6 ..Will make a nice noise and be different.


But 200bhp in 1.6 ton ..isn't goes like stink..maybe nippy ..when in the kit it can be classed as 'goes like stink then'. 8)

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