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Don't wast your money on second hand hoses, work out what you need then go on eBay and order silicone as they are much easier to work with than rubber. They slip on easier and seal much better when you tighten they up as they are more supple. I used auto silicone hoses, they have loads of listings for all sizes, angles and colours. Doesn't work out that expensive either as you only do it once avoiding lost coolant and hassle. I reckon I did my complete set on my red top for less than fifty pounds

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As above either Auto Silicone Hoses or Derbyshire Performance Hoses on ebay are pretty good.Looking at your pictures you may be able to use some of the lengths of bendable silicone hose and cut your number of joints down

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Yes auto silicone hoses (ASH) on eBay, cheaper than on their site!! Also b&q sell an aluminium TV aeriel pole-it's 32mm od and ideal for a straight run and cheap!


Don't forget good quality hose clips will prevent leakage and slippage!

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