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Blyton Park Track Day


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Terry.....was this the first time at Blyton with the charger fitted? How did it compare to the pre-charger days?


Yes Rich

Much faster.... Based on Mikes timings almost 3-4 sec per lap... He clocked me in the low 1.16's

Well pleased. Really gave the tyres some hammer!! Although fuel consumption on full boost was a tad lower at 12 mpg..but who cares about that.... It's damn quick

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Can you pleas STOP asking how's the charger. Each time you do something catastrophic happens......convinced your a jinx..


At Blyton had a weird issue where my oil guage dropped to 0 but shot back to normal reading when revved.( oil guage on Mx5 is indicator only) As I seemed to be getting oil to head and no noises decided to carry on. Ran all afternoon and drove home no probs. so pretty convinced either dodgy sender or gauge.

Today fitted oil light, which stays on..... Hmmm not a dodgy gauge then.

Checked cams and they were dry. Oh crap!!!

Disconnected oil cooler pipe and cranked over..... Nothing. Boll@@ks......!!!!!!!

Looking like an oil pump failure.......

Guess it's engine out time again. Hopefully engine is ok, will know better when apart. Deja vu

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Not yet Dan.... Still drove home ok. Really weird though. Ran all afternoon and drove home no probs. just noticed oil guage dropped to 0 on tick over but went back up at 2k revs.

But now nothing.....

Definately pump gone. It was the original so may have been on its way.

Sump is a new one which mike had fitted to his Demo and that did plenty track days without issue.

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Okay small update


Managed to drain the oil last night after avoiding going to the garage for the past few days ( Big Hammer was tempting me)

Apart from the oil being a bit dark (which is not an issue) despite an oil change before the track day, oil looked clear/ clean with no sparkly bits in it.....So fingers crossed I've been a tad lucky this time.

After some reading on the Web...pretty sure the issue I have is a stuck pressure relief valve which is built into the pump. Something which is a known weak spot in the oil pump. The valve is basically a small piston and spring. The piston gets gunged up with age and can stick. This valve is constantly operating to regulate pressure.


The fact that I had only just done an oil change may have caused the issue to occur. i.e thicker oil at high revs = more pressure

More pressure = more movement of the pressure relief valve.

More movement = stuck/ sticking piston....


So I'm now thinking that the pressure relief valve is stuck open within the pump. The general consensus is ...change the pump.

So this weekend, engine out. Going to replace the big end shells as a matter of course...(better to be safe), new oil pump and a general tidy up of a few niggly things. Hopefully not out of action too long.


Fingers crossed for no nasty surprises awaiting me when we remove the sump... Hopefully I have been very lucky and it so far seems I had enough pressure at rev's over 2K to (as pressure gauge was reading normal) to lubricate all areas until I got it back home. Left it standing for a week and now valve permanently stuck open = 0 pressure....

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