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I am just in the process of completing a Robin Hood 2B that was given to me in a part finished state. I am progressing well and have just finished sorting the electrics. However, I have noticed that when I press the hazard switch the indicator warning lights don't flash. The indicator lights themselves work and the hazard switch lights up, I just don't know if the dashboard warning lights should flash. The indicator lights and the warning lights work correctly when using the indicator column switch.


It is based on a 88 Ford Sierra 2.0L OHC, can anybody help please?




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If you only have one indicator warning light then it often is wired between the indicator lights so that the high wattage lights on the non flashing side earth the dash warning light.

When the hazard lights are selected then both sides flash at once thus preventing the dash warning light working.

As long as the hazard warning light flashes then this is OK and like a lot of production cars befor CANbus fitment.

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