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Starter Motor Help Required!!

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Hi guys

New owner and complete a mature here  any help and recommendations welcome. I’ve got a 2l Pinto engine which I have records saying it was built in 1975 for a Cortina. The starter motor is very lazy. I bought a new bosh style one off eBay but it is just spinning so believe it is a bad fit. The one that’s come off the car is a Lucas 25345a. Could someone please recommend a new, more efficient replacement?




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Hi, I have a starter motor in stock, believe its for a Pinto. It had a solenoid contact problem which I have fixed.

Its a Bosch unit  752  2 Made in Germany   0  001 208 520  ( Bosch product number?)   12V   86 GB  11000  BA are all the details on the body.

Which Cranborne are you ?  Dorset ?   If so welcome to collect & try or bring old unit & compare. 


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Thanks for coming back to me. Yes. It is Cranborne in Dorset. Where are you?



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We are near Winterslow & home most days -- e-mail on sylvia.fry2@btinternet.com   if you wish to visit,regards Bob.

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