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Rev counter


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Hi Ian


Thank you, I tried that and no response. When I bought the car it flickered at high revs but has never been right. Is there a way to test the signal wire or do I just get a replacement instrument? They are 100 nicka new so would like to find out if this one is definately beyond economical repair.



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Back in the good old days of a contacts breaker fitted in the distributor then you had a live feed wire from the ignition to the coil +ve and a wire from the distributor contactor breaker to the coil -ve.

The rev counter was then feed from both sides of the coil wiring sometimes to a loop of cable on the back of the rev counter now that is old school days before those new fancy electronics were put into our cars.


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Hi Ian it just has vf10cpc120001 as reference nothing to suggest 8 cylinder but that would explain the 50% under read.

I also just have 2 wires connected. A positive supply and the sender to the -ve side of the coil

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Hi Martin I did connect the -ve terminal to the negative terminal on the battery and it didnt seem to work at all then.

The little corcuit diagram on the back doesnt make much sense to me though.

I'm going to try it again though cos that didnt seem to work so I disconnected off battery leaving the other wires connected (sender to coil and +ve supply). Shoved it in the dash and fired engine back up and then it came to life but only at about 50%

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