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Is there any chance with our forum software we could create a link to add events to our personal calendars?

Facebook allows this function and it works very well, more importantly reminds me of events before starting a job/DIY. 

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You can subscribe to the calendar already, which adds it your your preferred electronic calendar - outlook, iphone, android, google, etc.

To do so, on the device you want to subscribe to the calendar on, go to the calendar, click the cog icon, and click subscribe to icalendar feed.

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Thanks, not working on my phone I will try the laptop when I get home. Although it appears only Richy is using the calendar function, no dates for Stoneleigh or Santa Pod captured yet.

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Does look that way at the moment.

I have tested it on my iphone and correctly appears in my subscribed calendars.  The calendar format used is the standard for calendars so should be compatible with all.

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I have asked Area Secs to either add Area meets or other events of interest to the calendar or let me know and I will do it. This is a useful function and I think we should be making more use of it.

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