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1 hour ago, brumster said:

Just to forewarn you, check the details on it but it's unlikely to run off a 13A plug ;) handy kit but cutting straight, pretty lines is.... errm.... rather difficult! I chopped up an Exmo with one, made my life sooooo much easier!

neither does their welder, until you fit a 13a plug 🙊

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4 hours ago, brumster said:

Just in case you're not joking/misunderstood me..... :D ;) what I meant was, the plasma cutter I have draws something like 18A so it can't be wired to a 13A plug at all, it needs the old 32A "blue" industrial sockets and a dedicated wired supply...

Got away with an old fashioned 15 amp round pin plug & socket ( 20 odd years ago ) wedded to a 20 amp radial circuit.  The machine was the best kit for cutting stainless or high tensile steel sheet. Always used a guide fence to get the cut profile required & did the cutting out of doors as the exhaust gas contains the vapourised metal -- makes a right mess of the workshop floor & stinks.

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Welding and cutting by burning gives off horrible fumes. Especially stainless. It’s something most people put down as health and safety none sense, but in reality stainless fumes are extremely toxic. Not just stainless, galve, chrome....   we on here are most likely to come up against stainless steel tho, galve isn’t so common on a GBS. 


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