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seat options from common tintops?

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my sierra seats of 27years old have finally given up (don't make things to last do they ;) ) and i've been looking at seat options. I could go the tried and tested mx5 route etc but those seats are perhaps a bit old now so was looking on ebay at various tintop seats and two that have caught my eye are the renault clio 2014+ and the aygo 2015+ seats

I wonder if the clio seats are too wide that base though eg this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RENAULT-CLIO-MK4-FRONT-DRIVER-SEAT-CLOTH-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-Complete/264707573877?hash=item3da1cd0875:g:bKsAAOSwhMFen2hH

or the aygo https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2015-TOYOTA-AYGO-MK2-VVT-I-X-PLAY-5Dr-Hatch-Front-Left-Passenger-Cloth-Seat-510/353089267057?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item5235c2a571:g:otcAAOSwV3pezxxJ&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkWpEuxXwAiCNKyBQsQ5%2Fe6699RxaTmFPuAwZMKQ%2FhRZdj49m372SiI8TbDI3KWCCFZP9ZmxEcEqruuU5pQ7HG%2BxQMAgmZqrObrp633%2BsvOEtUnF8Ydcpi3YeOIwfqZpxH69NzhlCAHtRq6mxtOiEjvnesz%2FZBzcGG7bveKxt16VQsHLPyIQQuB5aT8pF%2BjtN1bLAIxmXcDyFk0quTPm2VMIHjwvD8h92xgg%2Fq3a9TjhpgnonWmRZlfbuQAhjWVjSdBqc1orSpdVh9ZZAfSbiqflQghPmyRN%2FHegb38CfYDbAc5%2By97Z0udwTQd7gubMz20q211LniY%2FX%2FHaJeYs4UFEGWsibtLy0WlZp79QYuhHieyhY6CavStdqz0c0wDhtPrc%2BfL%2FvyWHDhuD0hbyuITs9lO7pwQVpwu07%2BbmE2d9ZFfezFgKemDOc2rvAEKyMTyJC4LiqY7l0p2zlCowbHtOHykzjCANqwqdabDM%2FBMQnrz7AgdaXoASEL7oLxljdX0PPZCbiFaKqBtyiLBRtpbCBwtABRoECfhrWBSCGlFACel5Vp5IrI878HbkCn3aSAwmy1wjBVBBwI7hB94Ev0Jz2usQljo0aP8ox4YfGCfTnNFvLbNaoUy1INhN%2BPESzD8IDswqrxEsoXC%2B7jFyL4TYbHPB8P6FapnoLcZOlYyS%2BFr%2BGAw57DJosmMmYtPKSpjMbTfhAyjDzrByLqX4myfN8DXj%2BfZeFS55FPrtlE46CjbC%2B5rCSMcEFiGoF4CbspcLfZgmVF%2FGQqYoN0vtxGHQ%3D%3D|cksum%3A3530892670577a5ad3078ea4477d921d5e4d92ca5a63|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524

I guess it would be best to remove any airbags from the seats? unless i want some kind of anti car jacking defence :) I assume it is safe enough to remove by myself.

Does anyone have either car that could check the widths for me? it would be much appreciated.



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Im thinking of changing mine as well, I have managed to borrow from a friend a few options but im yet to get around to trying for fit yet, they are Mazda RX8 , MX5, Smart Fortwo and a computer race style gaming chair!!!.

I like the RX8 but ive a feeling they're to big (wide). The Smart seats look as they will fit and MX5 are popular in many kits, not sure about the gaming chair, its very comfortable and well supported it would be just how to fix runners to it

Will be watching this thread for more ideas.

I also wondered about the airbags in the side of the seats


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I've just bought a set of leather Mazda RX8 seats for my GTM, I'm surprised how narrow they are I would suggest they would fit into a RH drivers is full electric

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2 hours ago, brumster said:

Nice! I have an RX8 seat on my sim rig at home! One thing I'll just forewarn people, they are *bloody heavy* !!

Yeah they surprised me compared with the other ones I was given to try out

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Comfort over weight, I'll go with comfort everytime, if I felt my car would benefit from losing a few pounds to make it quicker, I would go on a diet. 

When my lad was 18/19 he was into Saxo's & his mate up the road was into Starlet's went up there one day & another one of their friends car was there, the Startet had been stripped out completely, no interior, apart from 2 fibreglass bucket seats, no dash other than gauges, plexiglass (or such like) windows, ultra-lite racing alloys (not road legal), minute washer bottle, if it didn't need it it was taken off. Then the lad who drove it came around the corner he must have been well over 18 stone, I didn't say it then but said to my lad later he'd have been better saving his money & going on a diet.

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thanks all. I'm still not sure. I've had a quick search for mx5 ones from the mk2.5 I think it is, but can't see any that are that good at the moment so will just hold out until i find some that i really want. Will still look at other tin top seats to see what will fit in the meantime as might come across something good, as said above i also prefer comfort over style in most cases. The sierra seats were great although not the best looking. You sank into them so held me pretty well with the four points. Want something a bit more sporty/stylish this time though.



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