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Driving to the IVA


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There is an exemption that allows you to drive to the IVA centre and back when you have test.  You don't need a MOT and the insurance is done on the chassis number.  My insurance policy covered the drive to the test centre.  Once you have passed the road tax comes later as part of the registration.

I got pulled over by the police on the way and everything check out (that was the start to bad day, ha).

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Contact your Insurance company, explain that you have an IVA Test and your car has not been registered.

They will Insure your vechile from the VIN number.

They will require you to inform them of the Reg number when DVLA have issued a number after registeration for the vehicle.

Expect DVLA to take about 4 weeks to issue a Registeration number to you so that you can have some plates made.

That's what I did and had no problems.

If stopped show them your insurance and IVA test letter.



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If at all possible, take your car to IVA on a trailer; it is possible ( though highly unlikely given the build quality ) that the examiner could issue a prohibition notice preventing the car being driven home. Also if it rains on test day it will avoid giving the tester a wet, road dirt covered vehicle. 

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Yeah, I got stopped by the police on the way - showed them the emails from IVA and insurance company and they were fine... 

A trailer may be a good idea but, for me, it was my first excuse to drive the car any decent distance (as opposed to up and down my road) and see if anything dropped off. As it happened, the heat from the drive caused the accelerator pedal to expand and get stuck on (2 miles from the test centre)! Spent the first 10 minutes of my test loosening it 😀

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