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London to Brighton Run 2019 memory

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Last year, my son who lives/works in London expressed an interest in participating in the London to Brighton Run.

My father, who passed away many years back, was brought up in London and then his family moved down to Brighton where he became a member of 'Brighton Shiverers'  ... back in the day, and where he was schooled. It seemed an appropriate opportunity to mark the fact that that 'history' led to our existence ... so to speak.

Not the most exciting of drives for a hoodie but we had a great time, I drove down, my son drove back and we spent the evening in London celebrating.

Will the event ever be the same again? With London's Emissions Zone expanding , Brighton's frontage being (temporarily?) pedestrianised and Covid ???? I am pleased that we chose to enter last year. Value for money .... well, questionable. Good day ... yes. Do it again .. unlikely to be honest - but nice to have experienced it.

Evidence of the event ( acquired the photos without the need to pay the extortionate fee asked for them!)


A start.jpg

B finish.jpg

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I also done the run last year I booked to do it again this year but with COVID alas it never happened but have booked again for next year. 
I done it with friends in a Lamborghini /Gt mustang /Bmw i8 /and 2 x Maclarens 

I agree to do it on your own probably something you’ll only do once but in a group it’s aps brilliant 

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A lot slower but far more traditional --- I was able to complete this run twice --- in a 1900 Steam car.

Tiller steering & no brakes ( single brake band in line with exhaust steam & spent oil ) made for a very exciting trip on the original route.

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As Mark Twain once said, "Once you're older, you'll regret the things you did not do more than those you did".

Always worth doing something just once, even if it seems expensive, so that you've got a good story for when your kids put you in a home 🙂

I've wanted to do that run for a while but wife isn't keen and I'm sure it's much better with a navigator to help. Maybe one day...

I believe that the plan to pedestrianise Madeira Drive has been scrapped, so no rush 🙂 :



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