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Mot before you can get a number plate?


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I have passed the IVA test, and after reading the form for requesting the first number plate it appears to state I need to MOT the vehicle.  If so, how do you go about this as to get to the MOT station you need to drive to the station, and, therefore you will be driving without tax and insurance.

Any advice would be welcome.

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As Neil says, MOT isn't required, despite the fact that the guidance notes indicate that you do. If you've passed IVA and got your MAC certificate they you're good to go.

Remainder of the process should be as shown here 


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I mostly agree with the above, when you get the V5C and registration number the car will have an official date of first registration. This will normally be around the date of your IVA pass, and I believe the first MOT is then due three years after that. However, you should not use the car on the road without insurance.  Anyone that needs to take a car for an MOT must have it insured, third party insurance allows you to drive TO a station for a definite timed appointment by the most direct route. My car is on SORN at the moment. It must be insured to take it for an MOT before I can tax it again.

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