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Cortina Front End


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Hi all before I buy off EBay I’m looking for Front Discs and Callipers for Ford Cortina (S7 I’m believing) looking at a set of vented discs on eBay cheapies is there any real benefit when running standard engine etc. 
Just want to get through 1st year and upgrade when I’ve experienced/researched a bit more, but for sure need to do something with front end.

your thoughts and suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.



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Your car is lighter than the doner cortina probably around half the weight.

Top speed is a bit less as our cars are not very good aerodynamically, that windscreen is flat and fairly upright.

The donor brakes were designed by ford to stop the heavier car whilst fully loaded with 5 adults and their luggage whilst pulling a trailer.

In other words even driving like you stole it the standard brakes will have plenty of margin.

EDIT to say they will be good if not worn out.

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Forgot final line.
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Would have to agree with Ian, mine are standard Sierra brakes and they stop fine, the only thing I will be doing to improve mine is to change the master cylinder for a smaller bore, this will reduce the pedal pressure but the main reason is to give the pedal a bit more feel, it's very solid and "wooden" with the current one.

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