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Engine Stand and Hoist


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I have both in not so sunny Telford, which might be to far.

My terms are favourable, to club members £100 cash deposit in UK sterling none of that funny Scottish stuff from up North. Non-members and newbies £200 cash deposit. Cash deposit returned when I get the engine stand and crane back in good working order. That's for 3 months, anything longer you lose £10 of your deposit every month. Which I think is a bargain.

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Can recall lending equipment to "Friends" & it's never been returned, " no, I didn't borrow it "  or "sorry it broke"  with no compensation for a pricey item which I no longer have the use of.  Goes against the grain every time it's needed.

NOT any persons on here though, but Marks idea is sound. 

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On 3/26/2021 at 7:35 PM, tractor said:

blimey your a bit hard on them terms and conditions Mark 

Burnt once, never again. There are a handful of people I would trust but have known them for 10 years. Oh and I know where they live so I can send a few of the lads around.😉

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