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S7 inboard suspension play


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Hi guys, need some advice before tackling my next job. On the drivers side I have about 1/4" play on this bush at the back that I have circled in pink, now I think there is a Bush the other side of this threaded bar/ bolt, it looks like it doesn't travel all the way through so another bush on the front, has anybody tackled this job and what is on the other side that I cannot see, my last question is how do I get in to repair, amy advise would be very appreciated.

Thanks Andy 



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Water ingress has probably rusted the through pin -- creating a lovely abrasive.  If that bearing was not well greased on assembly it will be near impossible to drift out.  Can you see the "top hat" of the bush on the insides of the fixed mounting point ? that will prbably be the best place to cut through the pin at both ends -- otherwise you risk damaging the fixed mount.

When sorted with new pin & poly-bushes , fit a grease nipple; grease in water kept out.

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There is a long spindle threaded both ends as you can see in your photo, the tube on the wishbone has a bush pressed in either end as bearings, there will be an assortment of washers at each end too these are to set the castor angle. So you will need to replace the bushes as they dont get lubricated after installation, some people have added a grease nipple in the tube and fill it up with grease. I had a similar problem with play but when I took it apart one bush had worked its way along the tube towards its mate. When I reassembled it i made a spacer tube to stop it happening again.     

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If you attempt to drive out the pin, please make sure there is a mate holding a very heavy tube over the other end to counter the force you apply, could be tears if you bend the mounts because the pin is rusty.

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Yes its all very simple, you may find it's helpful to slacken the pinch bolt on the sierra upright and remove the dummy strut when you lift out the wishbone. It is a lot easier than trying to remove the top ball joint.

The through pin should come out easily it just runs through the 2 bits of angle iron.

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I had to replace the bushes on my Series 3 as the centre hole of the bushes had worn and created excessive play. The original bushes were manufactured by Robin Hood Engineering and even back in 2009 were no longer available, I had to have new ones machined out of Nylon 66 bar. The bushes are 1 1/2" long, 1 1/4" diameter and the centre hole is 1/2" diameter. There are 2 bushes in each wishbone. I also did the grease nipple modification to keep the moisture out and make the bushes last longer. 

Thought some pictures might help you.

The original bush:






New bush fitted:


Grease nipple modification:



This is the pivot bar:










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Thank you guys, it is great to know what I have to do and I best way to tackle it, the pictures are great and it just goes to show how important this club is, the wealth of knowledge and everyone's willing to give advice is tremendous and I am so grateful.

 I will keep you up to date with my progress and thank you again 

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