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Rear Disc Conversion


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Going to start the rear disc conversion today.  I bought second hand Cosworth  rear  bearing hubs of eBay paid too much for them du to postage being £19.99 but hey ho.

Put the new bearings into the hubs yesterday. Going to tear the rear end down today.

Watch this space.....

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I don't pretend to be an expert on this, but as I understand it for the IVA/MOT you need to ensure the front brakes lock up before the back brakes.   In the semi-standard kit car fit with discs at the front and drums at the back this happens automatically.   But if you fit discs to the back don't you have to add some sort 'brake balance' system to try and get the brake action loaded towards the front (70:30 rings a distant bill).   Just some thing I have picked up over reading the forum for the last few years, happy to be corrected.

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Well what a day...... it has not gone well..... the line "I wish I had not started this" comes to mind.....

Who ever put the stub axle nut on put it on so tight could not get it off..... not even with heat. so last resort had to cut the nut off.  I then find the bearings are different size.... AHHHHHHHHH

I was told the Cosworth and the 2.0 hub bearings were the same size...... my option is to buy Cosworth drive shafts but will my stub axle fit?????? 

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For the bias setup I am looking at changing the std Ford master cylinder.

Richard Hall owner of GBS recommend to me that the servo should be removed to prevent lock up. This dose work and braking is better but dose have a downside you need a heavy right foot...... 

I am looking to change this setup with new master cylinder and bias regulator to set up brake ratio.

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