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roof bars


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hi just got a roof and doors second hand, what do you guys use under the roof from the top of window screen to roll bar do you use fabric strap or a metal one that takes away the strain on top of window screen ?

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The 2b roof came with 2 bars. One hinges off the other. This means the roof is held off the rollbar as one is slightly in front and one is behind. Similar to the above but it avoids the roof touching the rollbar.

I made my own with aluminium tube. Quite amazed i managed to bend it without kinking it. I bent it around a wooden former and i think i did the trick of filling the pipe with sand (packed tightly - hammer it down with a dowel).

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My car has always had one folding hoop and the roof has been supported by the roll bar, but I've bought a new roof and due to it's shape I think it now needs two hoops as described above. I'm considering having a duplicate made which would then hinge off the first hoop. Any comments or things I should consider? Can anyone send me any photos of their set-up please?


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