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stoneleigh kit car show


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hi thinking of going to the show never been before so my question's are is it worth going for the 2 days , thinking of b&b someware near not bothering with the night entertainment, or can you see everything  in one day without rushing, anything i have missed ?

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Hi Max.

I think its the best kit car show ive been to.

However the last few years have been a smidge quieter  and yes you could see it all in one day, allbeit a bit knackering.

This year I do not know what to expect, will it be quiter due to the dreaded C word?

Or will it be total mayhem as people are finally let out?

I personally love the evening stuff. Walking round the tent and club areas, dumping myself in the middle of some unfortunate random club gathering and most of all, getting popped up in the Rhocar club tent.


See you there

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Strictly, it is the ONLY kit car show left now but it is still very good, especially if you've never been before. I'm told its much quieter than in its heyday but that's life for you - with the growth of EVs, kit cars may vanish altogether, so go while you still can. 

There are still 100s of kit cars of all types there, several of the big manufacturers, numerous trade stands etc. Its probably not a family day out as there is little for non-car people but who cares? Leave them at the nearest shopping mall and enjoy yourself 😁

There is another thread in Events with more detail... 

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