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Chassis VIN


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I am building a 2b and need to get a VIN to add to the chassis. At what point in the process can this be obtained and how do I apply for this? I have been looking on the DVLA website and there does not seem to be any information regarding this. I am sure it is needed before the IVA test

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Not only can you just ask for it at any time (email the DVLA), you can also make up your own VIN. I wish I had known that, could have made something more interesting. 

BTW, this and many other questions have been asked many times before - worth doing a search before asking just to save you the 8 hour wait for an answer. 🙂


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Searches are ok, but information goes out of date. 

In terms of email all I can find is: 

"DVLA does not publish any emails for the public, with one exception - eftd@dvla.gsi.gov.uk for DVLA Driver Medical Enquiries." 

@nelmo do you have an email address that I can use to contact them? 

I can not imagine they would let you make one up as like number plates there is bound to be a strict standard and a high degree of uniqueness. 

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"a strict standard and a high degree of uniqueness."

There is. It must be 17 characters, random numbers and letters, no special characters.

All manufacturers issue their own, GBS could have issued you with anything that fits that rule.  Avoid DVLA bureaucracy at all costs, esp. snail mail.

Many of us have chosen our own VINs that mean something to us. Mine includes initials, postcode, and the RHE invoice number.

Not much chance of anyone duplicating that, but the DVLA check it for uniqueness when you submit it anyway. 

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As to uniqueness, I did some maths the last time this topic came up:

    "You can just specify anything you want - to bore you with maths, there are 34^17 (assuming no letters I and O) possible combinations of numbers, which is about 100 million, million, million, million (1 followed by 26 zeroes)! That means every person on the planet could have 15,000 million million unique VIN numbers each 😮

    So not much chance of getting a duplicate 😉 "


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