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Windscreen Glass


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One of the issues about picking up abondoned projects is that some stuff might be out of date.  I'm wondering if this might be the case with the windscreen glass for my RH 2B.

The glass is marked BS857/2 1967 which I believe is a British Standard that is still in use but the IVA manual referrs to E 43R.

Is my windscreen glass for the bin or is it still OK for IVA with these older markings?

All advice welcome!


Rev Kev


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Your glass should fail as it doesn't have the E marking.

If it was me, I'd make a template from it and just fit it. It's unlikely you'll get a first time IVA pass so if it was me, I'd see if the screen does fail and if it does, swap it for the retest.

Be aware that even E marked 2B screens don't always have the correct marking on them so there's a chance it could fail even with the E marking as there's other marks that are also needed.

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