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Welder required


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So my GBS quickshift has broken (AGAIN):


RichyB very kindly welded it up for me last time (you can maybe see the repair to the right-hand side?) so I was wondering if there is anyone down South (well, SE) who might be able to do a similar job for me?

There is a local guy who has done some work for me before but he charges a small fortune and I'm a tightwad - happy to pay parts plus a few beers, if anyone has the kit?

I've been advised to try fit a new tube inside the old one and then weld along the length of that top fin, not just in the spots GBS have done it - sound sensible?

EDIT: aha, a willing volunteer has been found - stand down, fellow members! 🙂


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Someone has suggested maybe putting some sort of rubber mounting when I re-attach this to the MT75 gearbox. At the moment, it's just 4 M10 (?) bolts - anyone suggest what sort of thing I could use - just some rubber/plasticy washers like this maybe? Or these?

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4 hours ago, Matt brown said:

Hopefully some one will have some decent pictures and measurements so I can knock one up

Well, I've had mine welded up again so hopefully it will be better now with an internal tube and a longer weld down the main fin. 

But if it goes again, I'll be knocking on your door... 🙂


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