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Staffs "Breakfast at the Brewery" this Sunday 21/8/22


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I'm hoping to make it - the kit's back together again but apparently I've volunteered to help get a new settee and chairs into the daughter's house on Sunday, problem is that she doesn't know what time it's going to be delivered !!!!!!


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Hi Andi, I didn't get back from the daughter's until nearly 12 and it was raining here then, so I didn't go.  It's not the easiest of places to find because the cars are parked sort of up the side & behind, but did you find the brewery? 

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Yes mate found the brewery which looked closed and i drove round to the bakery and then to the big car park at the top of the site (which would be ideal for the meet).

I ground out on a road hump which I blamed on my son for being in the car :yahoo:

Still, it was good to get out on a Sunday for a change. 


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Looks like the club might have folded - I've tried to contact them & the emails bounce back.  Doesn't look like there's been any activity on the facebook site for a while either.

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