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Superspec for sale


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If anyone fancies buying a nice looking Superspec there's one coming up for auction.    I would go for it, but my wife would probably divorce 😀   I've already evicted her car from our double garage so getting another would be the last straw.

Check out https://stock.morrisleslie.com/stock/details?listingid=8ce27a5a-adc7-4a2d-bdb1-fe606961815d&returnurl=https:%2F%2Fstock.morrisleslie.com%2Fstock%3Fculture%3Den-GB%26locationid%3D6101%26saleid%3D273%26excludeClosed%3Dtrue%26page%3D2%26pagesize%3D24%26sortby%3Dreference_asc&fbclid=IwAR3nxJp0fto88yFC8ZHgMX5qSBJkpgb2IoqWVFACePIcD1O_Ger010yMqYo


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And another as well, this time on EBay.   This looks a nice one as well.   The reason I recommend these cars is that we have now built up quite a support network by pooling all the knowledge from all the owners (I'm currently in contact with 45 of the current owners) from back when the kit was first produced.    And because they are all nominally identical we can answer most questions users might have.

Have a look here.

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£4730.  So I guess the owner pocketed about £4500 after charges.  Bearing in mind the time of year I think that was a reasonable price.   I've always said that a fully registered, MOT'd Superspec in good condition should fetch around £5000, so I was close.

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