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2L Zetec


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Hi, I am building a GBS Zero and I was going to fit a pinto engine that I already have but I have changed my mind and decided to go with a 2L Zetec. I have looked at places like Raceline but that is way out of my price range. So I am hoping that someone on here has something sitting in the garage that they might consider selling before I hit the ebay.

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To be honest I am after a 2L black top Zetec engine, shortened sump, exhaust manifold, I would like to go with bike carbs but that is not essential, fuel pressure regulator if going with carbs, ecu and a high pressure pump.

I am also looking at getting the engine mounts, swirl pot, spigot bearing and alternator kit from GBS.

So basically everything to do with fitting an engine plus other things that I have probably missed.😃

I will also need an exhaust but I am not even thinking about that yet.

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Well I can’t believe the hassle that comes with trying to by an engine. So far I have talked with two different people (not at the same time) that said they had an engine to sell and after some messaging and chatting on the phone and agreeing to buying they are just not getting back to me. Very frustrating.

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Funnily enough I have finally managed to pick up a zetec blacktop engine from a very nice man that also gave me most of the ancillaries to go with it is a 1.8 rather than a 2.0 but that will get me going for now.

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