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2B MK111a Tunnel Modification Help Required


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Hi everyone,

Please could anyone help with advise on modifying the tunnel to make room for larger style bucket seats

I have seen loads of pics online where the tunnels are all kinds of shapes and also some with no handbrake visible but I am not sure if the tunnel too and sides are structural. 

can anyone help with tips pics or links it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance



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Welcome. You have given us 2 very different models in your description. The 2b has a tubular chassis and the mk3a has a monocoque construction. I fear the answer will be the same for either, that modification to the tunnel would be difficult and unwise as both are structural. The monocoque model like mine requires narrower seats and I don't think there is any way around that. 


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Hi gents, thank you for the replies, it’s what I feared tbh. I am thinking I will look at modifying the tunnel and because of the structure aspects I will have additional strengthening added, I put both descriptions into the thread incase like mentioned it is a similar issue to both models, measuring it the offset is around 30mm the required mod only needs 20mm at the top to allow for the seat sides, the base of the seats has more than enough room, so in thinking a diagonal cut and replace the tunnel too that is currently tacked in place with a bespoke seam welded tunnel top will solve the structural worries. You know that feeling when you think that’s a good idea then you start and realise, umm a few additional hours may be required lol. Mine is the mk3a, has either of you or know anyone who has fitted a floor mounted pedal box? Ta Paul

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Hi, @Shandylegs thanks for the reply, I am just looking for help on what cables if any need to be extended or run in a different place? Does your pedal box have an adjustable mount plate to allow distance alterations? Do you have any helpful pics? I am expecting delivery tomorrow and today I have collected all my powder coated parts ready for reassembly so this weekend I’ll be wrapping the chrome, mocking up a new dash and starting to build the dash ready for trimming, any helpful advice is appreciated, and just think, all this started because I found wires that were soldered amazingly but none insulated, Thanks in advance Paul

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