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Rear arches

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Hoping you can help. i have a 2B and dont like the high sitting rear arches. can anything be done to this? has anyone else got around this issue and if so how. i also have wide rear arches so a am looking for standard width ones ideally GRP ones and not stainless like the current ones if anyone has any that would fit. the car was built in 2001 with sliding pillar suspension if that makes a difference to fitment. 

Many thanks 


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Anything is possible but I don't know to an easy fix for this.

The position of the original arches was (to some extent) down to the builder and they are probably only held on with pop rivets which should be fairly easily to remove.  You can then fit alternative arches in GRP or even carbon fibre depending on how much you want to spend  - I've see Locost style advertised for less than £100, Caterham carbon fibre ones will cost you a bit more!   However, whichever you go for you will have to do a bit of "fettling" to make them fit.

The chances are that your side panels will not be deep enough when you lower the arches so some sort of in-fill will be required, unless you replace the side panels as well.

There may well be someone on here who's actually replaced theirs but I think most folks have kept the "standard" ones fitted. 


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I replaced mine with new GBS grp arches and fitted them lower. The issue with doing this, the panel above the arch will have to be replaced, and possibly rear panel. It all depends on how it was built originally. Mine bolted on so easily removed 

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