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    Great day at Curborough even though i didn't have my car ready. Link to some pictures of the day. Its all raw and unedited! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1J9Bamuyr1NSpQvrshkTKf1SWOb4hGvVi Definitely got my mojo back to get mine finished now!
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    Anyone got the CKC magazine? On page 14, they have an article on Stoneleigh, with a photo of our stand front and centre AND (obviously more importantly), my car right slap bang in the middle! This is about as famous as I get...
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    Onward up the banks of the Loire we travelled on the following day --- time for lunch said Stephen ( Its always time for another feast he says ) Parked up along side the river & went looking for a bistro/cafe/restaurant --- he spied one across the busy cross-road. Lunch ??? NON we closed 5 minutes ago. We spread out searching N-E-S-W of the junction & I spotted another eating establishment -- only 100 M away. We all piled in to this new venue -- they were happy to see 6 hungry English. The menu was as to be expected this far south -- just in french & no english version available. Never mind we are on a motoring adventure so meals are part of that. We all ordered & most decided on the " Cheese Salad" --- seemed a safe bet --- just something to tide us over until dinner ( & more wine ) Our meals arrived --- we all looked in amazement at the plates --- heaped high with RED CABBAGE & a few hidden pieces of cheese -- no other veg, just RED CABBAGE Although to be fair Mo said she found little (TINY) bits of ham. So that was it came to France & found probably the only place that served just RED CABBAGE for lunch. No pictures of this meal, we were too shocked -- but we were hungry enough to eat most of the plate. This is NOT the location of the Cabbage cafe.It was behind us as we left the area,full of cabbage.Our next hotel was somewhere near here, cabbage dulls the brain. The following day after many drinks & meals which did not contain any cabbage, we visited two chateau, bought wine at one & more wine at the other.Very impressive buildings, this is a dry moat 18 M deep. Such skilled craftmanshipPrecision gardening !! I've run out of space again. More tomorrow, can you wait ??
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    To all attending, the club will be doing a BBQ for lunch. Burgers and hot dogs will be available for a small donation. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
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    Next, we needed to make the fabric surround panels that would be fixed to the main awning and have zips on them for the removable panels. These panels needed to have round corners on them, and this meant a lot of marking out on the fabric so we would know where to cut it, where to fold it over and where the zip needed to be attached. This is the sort of marking out we had to do, achieved using the curved radius templates that I’m made previously from spare signboard. Here’s the top of the panel marked out with the two top corners. On the front end panel, we made the surround panel in 3 pieces to save wasting a lot of material, the top as in the previous images and two narrow side pieces. The top piece is wider on the top right hand side. This is so we had spare material to join on to the canopy and this would be cut off at an angle to the main frame as it extended down. At this stage, we zipped both halves of the zip together before we sewed it to the surround panel so any stretch in the zip around the corners would be accounted for. The meant we were sewing on to a large panel and we had to think carefully about how we would feed the part through the machine. In this case we started sewing at the bottom left hand corner, so most of the material was outside the throat of the machine. A similar method was used on the surround panel for the side. In this case we already had the part that went across the top – it was the small vertical flap at the back of the canopy, so we just had to make the side pieces. The panel was clamped roughly in position so we could take some measurements for the sides and also trim away some of the excess roof material. In the picture below, you can see that in the vertical portion at the front of the caravan, we have left a strip if the material close to the awning rail so we have something to sew the surround on to.
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    Hi all, My photos from the day are here : - http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/hammondsofknutsford/library/Curborough Track Day Regards Tim
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    Cracking day, cheers all for organising it! I need to add suncream to the tool box! There were a couple spins and @Matt brown offering an off-road experience but everyone made it off the track ok! This event was 1 car at a time so the only danger is your right foot. Plenty of space to get it wrong and come out the other side ok as you find the limits of your grip/talent.....like I did haha
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    Hi everyone. So issues are fixed! Here is a run down... So fuel pressure regulator helped a bunch, new leads and spark plugs too. I took it to a local guy who works on old cars (even back to ~1930's stuff). It ended up with: a new battery (just to be safe). Carbs cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner, reassembled and balanced. New coil Head removed, two exhaust valves were slightly bend (1000th), others weren't seated properly. New head gasket and bolts new cover gasket new timing belt ignition timing done. Now it runs perfect like a dream Thanks for all the advice!
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    Where was I ? At the chateau, yes; very beautiful ornate buildings. Shows what can be done if you own a large lump of France & grow tons of grapes. Would not like to be a craftsman there though, as soon as done one side of building the other side needs repair; due to the local soft white sandstone. The slates on the turrets are tiny (viewed from the ground) from a short distance they appear to be a bitumen covering, so close are the fit & over-laps.BIG HEAD!!!Hard top e-type not in good condition.Every stately home runs a classic car day.Older & better transport. We left the huge stately piles & purchased some more wine, fortunately Adrian's boot could hold a few dozen bottles. Another day, another drink or two before dinner.1923 Bentley at our hotel with a dozen modern ones.Lots of Bentleys to left & right of Florin. This hotel was just a few short miles from the port of Ouistreham for our journey home, a seven hundred mile round trip with not a single hick-up from Florin. Great time as usual, I like driving in France & Spain; the roads are so quiet compared to England; & the trip was shared with friends who guided us from point to point. Except when I over filled Florin with oil --- they were too polite to say but they were grateful when we travelled at the back of our small convoy. The Words, pictures & music may not be in exactly the right order, but the essence of our latest European Trip is there, many thanks guys & gals it was a pleasure for Mo & I.
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    well done sounds like you got a big smile on ya face now
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    Did a group rolling road several years ago with CKC , "near" Exeter. All was fine, it just proved that Florin was running as she should. Told the tester not to exceed 5K rpm as we needed car for the 135 mile trip home. Think the cost was around £50 -- so worth the cash to us but maybe a complete set-up would need a lot more time & effort by the tester. Was the only car on the rollers that had a picnic basket on the back.
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    OK, panic over - all seems ok... I went out to use the datalogger function in the Emerald software but I had to sit on the drive with engine running for ages while I tried to work out how to start the logger (Emerald could do with improving their manual) . Drove off and...nothing....smooth as silk (well, as smooth as it gets). I can only assume I had some dirt in an injector and either the extended warm-up period washed it through or it just washed through eventually? Have to see if it's still ok next time out, before I get too excited
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    They are not expensive tools and a good investment. Get the hinged ones that can be used on more than 1 size ring. If you have a locking ring you want to get 2 tools. The ATR shocks/dampeners have a locking ring, not sure about the GAZ. If GAZ have a Allen screw to lock the ring, Make sure the little rubber tip is at the bottom or you will damage the threads. Try not to use a screwdriver and hammer to turn the ring. Too much chance of slipping and causing damage.
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    Phone your wife when at the bottom of the road !!!
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    welcome back rich, hope things are well your end.
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    Welcome back. I host my images on www.postimages.org which is still free and is so simple, I can use it.
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    Did you really have to slow down the spins?? Cracking analysis on the second spin with the "extra ballast"
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    Here's a quick video i put together using footage shot by Stuart Thompson, apologies if not everyone is on it, it was all the footage I had to work with. I have a longer video that I can post later.
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    V5 is here, car is already taxed so nothing left for me to do. Insurance sorted, Halfords for plates and the weathers looking good for my first drive out tonight
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    Mines the orange mudguards to the right haha I’ll take that
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    Thanks to everyone for coming along and to Matt and Jas for bringing the bbq, food and shelter which helped turn the day in to a more social event. As a change from thrashing around Curborough yesterday, today I've done a 150 mile dash up to Wales in the kit and currently warming back up in front of the fire with a cuppa. I did a few in car videos yesterday which are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x3mozbnr8k8idoa/AADagrvoi_pRTmZXVEQpO6Qha?dl=0 They're probably better for the sound rather than the driving style.
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    Really looking forward to getting the car now!!!
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    Oh yes the Ferrari got beaten, by a whole 4 seconds I believe. Regards Tim
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    St170 with twin 45’s, running with mega jolt and VVT Pro. I have purchased ME100 now so next free day I will fit with base map. Thank you