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    I have asked Area Secs to either add Area meets or other events of interest to the calendar or let me know and I will do it. This is a useful function and I think we should be making more use of it.
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    Hi Alan Hopefully I’ll see you all on weds at the church mouse, all being well, I may have to rely on sarah getting me there Stay safe Harry
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    Well I suppose it is about time I show you all what is replacing the Robin Hood, so here it is, the first video in a project car series. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. I'll change the topic title to something more meaningful in a few days so those who are interested dont have the surprise spoilt. Also, for those of you who havent seen them posted elsewhere, there have been a couple of videos showing some mini-projects going on prior to the start of the build, so you may be interested in catching up on this playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhF8mZsmx_w&list=PL-_tWQqniU8kE9fgNjIv3RsQQ0AwjvdbN
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    Exceptional service from these guys. Cheap and speedy delivery even though they're from another country (Wales ) I chose my battery by size but still got it wrong. They picked it back up when they delivered the new one and only charged half the cost as a gesture of good will. A very efficient and fast service. https://www.tayna.co.uk/
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    Here is my engine bay.
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    I have renewed now, please can I have a magazine please?
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    'Fantastic' is relative - not personally a VW person - the large stand of Buggies at Stoneleigh every year are enough for me
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    Its "probably going to be the last ever show" ever since I started going
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    Done, I've made a booking for 30 but can adjust it as required
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    Well, I seemed to have bad luck with SoftBits - the first one they made for me was the wrong size! So it had to go back and get re-made. Should have been about 3 - 5 weeks but was about 20 weeks for me! Details of how I fitted it in my blog, here: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2017/12/a-roof-over-my-head.html I actually think doors are more important than the roof - it's not just rain that gets you wet, it's puddles on the road which can be there long after the rain has stopped. If your other half wants a roof, she will want doors as well, I guarantee you. Doors also cut out lots of wind and help keep some of the heat from the engine in the cabin - highly recommended.
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    There will be no meet until February and I will give plenty of notice where and when. I am going to change the day from Mondays because, well, because they`re Mondays. SO I am thinking Thursday evenings would be better. Andi
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    I can't say I've ever really thought about it but I would imagine somewhere in the mid twenties if I'm careful. I'll try to work it out when I put the car back on the road. I certainly won't be changing to fuel injection to get better economy, if I need economy there is a Ford ka outside
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    Agree 100%. But don't forget the diff. I am running a 3.62 diff on my fuel injected Superspec and regularly get 33-34 mpg. AndyW has a 3.92 (I think) diff on his Superspec and gets appreciably less.
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    Fuel injection makes a huge difference! Definitely the way to go for economy.
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    Not 100% sure bike carbs will help with fuel economy. My old pinto with the ZX6R carbs would average about 23mpg on a steady run, but had it as low as 17 on a push! I am hoping fuel injection helps going forward.
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    Great run up to the Scottish Border this morning, no traffic, bright sunshine, no roof what a great way to start 2020
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    Thanks to Jackie and Richy for an enjoyable drive and lunch. The weather was OK once off the mountain, I was even thinking of taking the roof off. Only one minor slide on the way up the mountain, heavy right foot! Thank you.
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    We we've made it to the Ponderosa and are just having lunch. Bit of drizzle here.
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    And so the work continues... changing out my square headlights for smaller 4 inch polished chrome ones. Posted a couple of before and after pics
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    on my exmo I could get to the gearbox level/filler plug from the engine bay. I had to use a funel and a couple feet of tube to fill.
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    Yes, good ride out but C&M need got get their 5hit together on the food and drink orders. Luckily Jackie took no prisoners when we paid the bill and got the drinks knocked off the bill which Thrashed kindly paid. Thanks mate, I'm sure I'll find a way to pay you back!!
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    yes we are, I am hoping for a reasonable turn out-we have 5 or 6 confirmed and a few possibles.
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    Good catch up today weather stayed good and some nice cars came out too. Definitely one to do in the summer
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    Have a look on the Car Builder Solutions web catalogue they have a big range of headlights which was where I got mine from, Alan
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    Cheers Alan, if I can get this sorted I might meet you on Sunday!
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    Run out to Hexham Sunday 29th December meet at the Holiday Inn entrance NE13 6BP to leave at10-00 am. Forcast to be a balmy 13 degrees so lets have a few more showing an interest.
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    Thought I'd share a brief video of my commute home from work last night:
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