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    Clare came around the corner and tripped on the raised flags a couple of times, so I put the blocks there for my safety (because it was obviously my fault). Another project I've been working on is a nixie tube clock kit from PV electronics. Finished the PCB assembly last night and everything seems to work, just have to built it into its case now.
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    Just finished the arches for next year when the cars done hopefully they will look good on the car if anyone wants to know the body shop drop me a message there a great company and they do custom work aswell as normal car repairs
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    Hello all would love to catch up but as currently on chemo hoping i may be free of it by the time it happens. As i live in Pembridge, quite close to the Elan Valley then im hoping i will be able to xatch up with you all. I'll keep watching the thread for any updates.
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    I bought some cheap versions of these (mine cost me £65 but I can't find them now): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-LED-Stop-Tail-Ind-Rear-Light-lamp-BLACK-Pods-KitCar-Westfield-Locost-Caterham/360832010018?hash=item5403438722:g:tv8AAOSw3Dtd2Wer These do say the pods are angled but don't look much like it...mine were a bit more obvious than that. Pics of mine here: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2018/11/fully-fledged.html
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    Managed to get a couple of photo's, just managed to squeeze the time in between doing very little and nothing.
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    Dont have a garage or man cave , all work done on the drive. May get a man cave as daughter is moving out so theres a spare bedroom up for grabs, missus wants it as a "dressing room" but im wanting to move my Xbox etc in and build a gaming setup. I will probably loose out but I can dream
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    Good point. I was going to mount them a little lower on the wing and see what they look like, Im sure the "old bill" or MOT station wont be out with their tape measure and plumb bob to see if there correct as long as they "look" correct I think I should be fine (fingers crossed)
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    My work has gone to reduced hours on 12 hour shifts, meaning i work 2 or 3 days a week. I've decided to build a shed so that i can clear stuff out the garage to actually allow me to work on the kit car, and hopefully get it back on the road. Having laid a patio and enjoying the extra space in the back garden area after demolishing the old shed, I've decided to put its replacement in the 6 foot wide gap down the side of the house, whilst retaining access to the front. The result will hopefully be a 16' x 3' shed. Monday was design, Tuesday was excavation and backfill with old rubble i hadn't taken to the tip / hardcore and wednesday was laying the slabs. I'm not trying to do it full time, enjoying time with Thomas is also a priority.
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    To all my friends and their families in the NE RHOCAR group, stay safe, Fit and well, I hope to see you later in the year Harry And to all RHOCAR members around the country.
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    Try this place https://metalhardware.co.uk/lift-off-hinge-right-hand-jspl01r-12 I believe they are the 1st picture in the list on the link above.
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    The bigger hinges are normally from GBS. I think you can get very similar from Gold and Wassall. They have a catalogue online.
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    Did you not have the original door hinges ? I simply fabricated some brackets from stainless steel and put them on the same bolts as the original door hinge so I could continue to put the doors on if required.
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    I have checked and we also have the same T&Cs for cancellation, hopefully we do not have to. Thanks Stuart, keep safe.
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    With everything going on in the world at the moment just wanted to post and say that, for now, the intention is for this to still go ahead, but that will be keeping that under constant review. Currently we have 2 months until the trip and there is just no predicting at the moment what state the world will be in. One thing I will point out is please be aware of the cancellation terms for your accommodation. I have checked mine and it is free cancellation up to 17 May at 23:59, but please do be conscious of this, last thing I want is to get to a point where we have to cancel and you guys lose out on hotel costs.
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    In view of current events and in line with the latest guidance there will be no monthly meets at The Malt Shovel until further notice. Hope to see you all sooner rather than later. Richy
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    Oh no that’s not mine the guy who delivers the milk always stops for a cuppa don’t know why
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    Assuming your car didn't start out as EFi and has been swapped to a carb, you'd need the inlet manifold, fuel rail, injectors, ECU and wiring off another 2.0 DOHC engine. Then you need a high pressure fuel pump, flow and return lines from the tank, possibly extra electrical sensors on the engine. So in theory, yes it's possible but it could be a lot of work for not that much gain. Why do you particularly not want to have a carb?
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    With Ngk it’s higher the colder. with other brands it’s the other way round.
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    Accuspark plugs run the 3 prong setup, although mine were removed on the rolling road in favour of good old ngk’s
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    If you are using copper plugs rather than fancy platinum etc, then in the NGK range just go for the next number up, so as an example a standard pinto plug is APR6FS but the next step colder is APR7FS
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    FWIW, Halfords have a 20% sale on most of their Advanced range at the moment...
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    I can almost hear the landlords cheering.
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    Hi Stu, an update from me for the people count: Brian will be riding shotgun
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    In this instance clearly 5 wasn't enough but as Stuart says, we've tried to strike a balance which is very difficult. The main problem we face is that as a forum, we're operating alongside the many different Facebook groups that people are now more used to using and weren't around when the forum was started. Unlike Facebook groups, we incur costs to host the forum that Facebook don't have and these have to be paid for by membership fees. We tread a fine line between giving members unlimited access but still allow community users enough access to see that the forum has the benefit of not only the current discussions but also a vast amount of historic information that can be searched easily. Glad to hear that you've managed to get a GTM - they're a cracking car and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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    I was working in area so have had a nice steak and pint see ya all in a bit
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    Wind deflectors, as fitted to my 2B. Made from 4mm plexiglass, which can be bent by heating gently with a soft pencil flamed blow torch, along the bend lines, both sides. Keep the torch moving, (if you heat too much in one place it will bubble and burn) and apply gentle force, when soft enough it will bend. If you havn't done this before, try it out on a scrap piece. As Alan has done before, I have used the same type of lift off hinges to fit these in place, I can therefore change from full doors to wind deflectors in seconds. Try to fit these as close to the bodywork as possible, to stop the airflow short cutting to the low pressure behind the windscreen, as this is what causes the turbulance, and bufferting. Don't forget that these are handed, so you will need to bend them in opposite directions to get a pair. I should add thet the tab at the top, is bent forewards to stop the deflectors moving , and should be adjusted to give a snug fit. The bend at the bottom should follow the join above the the side panel.
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    http://www.dvandrews.co.uk/ A very useful source of info including some info on the tie bar conversation
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    The most important thing to check is the V5. Make sure it is correctly registered as a Robin Hood. If not, then walk away Later: Ignore this, I just did an MOT check on the number plate and it does come up as a Robin Hood.
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    I think it it was mild steel it would be painted so 90% sure its stainless. The tie bars replace the old heavy and over stiff sierra front anti roll bar which joins the front suspension under the car side to side. The conversation just improves things but i think many exist happily without it. I'm not super mechanical but managed the conversation myself.
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    To get the discount from my insurance company I have to provide a scanned copy of my membership card with the year of issue shown on it. I guess that's the same for most company's. I'm not bothered by my membership number changing, whats really important to me is that I keep my membership going (nearly forgot this year, thanks to the committee for reminding me)
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    Sarah would go and buy a Porsche Cayenne. I’d go and buy a workshop with plenty of room for storing cars and probably end up with lots of project cars rather an expensive car.
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    Elan Oaks have just cancelled our camping booking.
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    Well sorry, the Kimbolton show is yet another event cancelled for this year. The proposed date for next year assuming we survive the toilet roll/pasta chaos is 11th July 2021
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