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  1. Hi Marcus, Why not just go for another sprinter, diesel engine of course, your old one has served you well hasn't it, had a mwb a few years ago, loved it, can't remember fuel economy wise how good it was, just used to fill and go
  2. Unable to make this one, so happy new year to you all and see you in February Ivan + Andrea
  3. Wasn't last year's caravans invited as part of the caravan and camping club? Don't know what made me think that, so I may be wrong
  4. Yes Rob, good pics, shows me being overtaken, twice, but again don't care, still had fun
  5. Hi all, a bit late adding my bit, Got to agree with everyone else, had myself a fantastic time, this was my first time on a track day, the morning was bum twitching driving but the afternoon was absolutely amazing, found out that my car isn't as quick as most cars there and that my driving isn't as good as most there, but I didn't give a monkeys, I had a great time, it certainly put a smile on my face, also the kit ran well and it didn't break down and I didn't break anything, was really good to be able to push the kit to both mine and the cars limits safely, can't wait to do it again. I did manage to get a couple of videos, from the morning session, will try to upload them. Ivan
  6. Well done Simon, I've still not booked yet, got an issue with the carbs, not got it back yet , hopefully will tomorrow
  7. mowerman,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the ninja hoody :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  8. yes will be there Friday about 7ish, will be calling for something to eat on our way down,
  9. Cheers lads, thanks for letting us know, that's fine, she can have an easy weekend, and look after me, looking forward to the weekend, see you all there, Cheers Ivan
  10. Hi all, Andrea has asked me to see if anyone would like a meal on the Saturday night at the national meet, apparently she wants to cook again, she must be mad, but nevertheless she wants to make meatballs in Bolognese sauce, and you supply your own bread or whatever to go with it, trying to keep it simple, just want to have an idea on numbers, to see if it's doable or not, (it looks like it might be a large turnout) this is getting cooked on camping stoves again, so there are limits, let us know what you think Ivan
  11. mine will require a good going over when I get it back, Terry, you'll have to give me a master class at the weekend
  12. hoping to, just got to sort out the exhaust, carbs then a rolling road session, all before the 4th
  13. mine gets dropped off tonight, for my new one, might see you there
  14. no we don't have a route yet, so I propose we have a run to Carsington Water, via B5023, 31 miles, about a hour and 20, and return route, same route, or via B5023 and A6, 25 miles, about 1 hour, (look on google maps) or do what we plan to do, find a pub and have a drink, to remember Mark by, and a bite to eat, then back to camp, Ivan
  15. hi all, some good ideas mentioned, a lot of you seem to know the area quite well, is it possible for someone with local knowledge of Donnington / Matlock to come up with a route and destination and return route, as I'm struggling a little bit, of course i'll still collect donations and anything else to do on the day, thanks Ivan
  16. Right then, back to the drawing board, Unfortunately I don't know the area, so my knowledge of it is zero, so we need somewhere with enough space for 20 plus cars, and somewhere that can cater for us all, might be easier to forget the fish and chips and just have the drive out, possibly stop at a pub and raise a glass to Marks memory instead of a chip fork, I don't know any pubs around that area, but I'm sure someone does, they might even be able to serve food, I'm open to suggestions.
  17. Yes limited parking, but I thought we could just take over the town and park anywhere, or the side streets at least, and yes considered contacting the chippy, once it's a definite choice, as for a return route,thought we could have a race back, 1st back gets the beers in, Or just make our own way back, or if anyone has a route in mind
  18. hi all, had a look at a route and thought the one that Rob(cma) has suggested is better than the one I came up with, so I think we should go with that, the one he posted a link to (post no 40 on this topic) it will probably be a nice steady drive, not really any fast roads, but the sight of a convoy of kit cars will be something to put a smile on everyones face, drivers, passengers and pedestrians, probably Mark as well,as he's looking down on us sipping a cup of tea, and hoping someone else's front wheel falls off, :rofl: anyway, you can check the route out, print a copy off if you want, or program it into your sat navs, Andrea will run a few copies off and we can hand them out if needed at Donnington, remember it's £5.00 per car and all proceeds going to charity, lets make it a night to remember, thanks again, Ivan :) Admin Edit: Route: https://goo.gl/maps/AjOuK
  19. Thanks to everyone, yes had a great night, an absolute surprise i didn't have a clue, just shows how devious and sneaky Andrea is, It was fantastic to see family and friends, I especially want to thank Andrea for being a fantastic wife and my best mate, and for giving me a gift to remember Cheers Ivan Ps, i now have a zimmer frame for hire, unless I'm using it that is. As seen in the 1st photo.
  20. Hi all, we'll both be there, should be a good evening, just working on a route, nice to see lots of interest from members Ivan
  21. Yes, a fantastic day, and a fantastic weekend for me and her (Andrea) as its already been said great roads, company, and drive and the food and drink in between, was also good to hook up with Dan E and Sue last night for a few drinks and a chat, and yes as for the lads in the astra, that's what you get for driving to fast, good job none of us were doing that, All together did about 240 miles all trouble free, quite surprised, just backed it into the garage and it ran out of fuel, timed to perfection, Thanks to all for the day Ivan+Andrea
  22. Me and Andrea will be there, whereabouts in Hathersage? Do we have a postcode
  23. hi Dan, starting from Cedar Farm DE55 5NP not far from The Greyhound pub in Alfreton, Good route though Terry,meet up at point A possibly a bit later though, about 10, leaving at 9 we'll be done before the pubs open, We've got about a 45 minute run to the start point, I think,
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