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  1. Fossett

    Help! Any Suggestions?

    I know my nosecone is a different shape, but... Mine is attached with velcro tape (50mm x width of the plate) and is still there (fingers crossed it'll stay put)
  2. Fossett

    Bike Carb Manifold Vacuum Take-Off/tank

    It just runs off into a catch tank tucked away... I had it slung under but securing it was a real pain - using big P-clips on the cam cover nuts hold it much better
  3. Fossett

    Bike Carb Manifold Vacuum Take-Off/tank

    I used THIS to get a vacuum feed for my MAP sensor
  4. Fossett

    Misfire Under Load

    +1 for coil pack, I've had this too...
  5. Fossett


    Totally agree - they either fit like a glove or are a proper pain - they are a pain for me too
  6. Fossett


    Hey, I have a set if you fancy them with runners and 42.5cm across from a wide Westfield - in black GRP - no pads - £120 These exact seats ; http://s1321.photobucket.com/user/dannyscarbro/media/F7434579-F44D-4ECB-A627-1CBC30381808_zpssqf74wbl.jpg.html
  7. Fossett

    Bike Carb Silicon Hoses

    I found it best to lay the carbs inlet side down and get a good look at the hoses as they are fitted - little bits of casting and/or throttle spindle can prevent the hose clips from fitting as close as possible to the end of the hose. if you squint you can see them here;
  8. Fossett

    Tyre Size Options And Tyre Recommendations?

    http://www.nankangtyre.co.uk/performance/motorsport/ns-2r I have Nankang NS2R Soft Compound - in the wet/cold they can be slippy - but in a fairly predictable way - in the warm/dry the are awesome
  9. Fossett

    Seats At Mot

    My car passed ok with seats bolted directly to the floor, the guy mentioned it and stated that the rule didn't apply to 'Q' plates - these are treated as an old car as with the emissions they are very lenient on such things... You'll be fine if it's a 'Q', or old!
  10. Fossett

    Tyre Alternatives To Ao48's

    Hi Andy I have Nankang NS2R's 195/50/15 soft compound They (I guess much like yours) are a bit dicey when its cold and damp outside, but at this time of year they are great. Wear seems good too so far. they felt a bit of a bargain from tyreleader.com Cheers
  11. Fossett

    Engine Swap

    Hope this helps; My Westie was a CVH and is now a Zetec. From what I can see the fella just got hold of an exhaust manifold plate, chopped off the cvh one and welded the new one in place. Inlet side there are now bike carbs on a danst manifold which to be honest have been totally fine. Ignition is now Nodiz, which is so simple to fit using the ford sensor thats already there. There are a couple of other considerations of course; sump, alternator, cooling - but all of this is available readily.
  12. Fossett

    Couple Of Pics - Sliding Pillar 2B Build

    Yeah those wheels man!
  13. Fossett

    P Clip Mounting

    I clipped my shiny new front flexi-hoses to the wishbones and failed the MOT - at full lock the hoses could touch the tyre. I took them off and it passed 2nd go - just make sure they are not too twisted.