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  1. Could you add me to the list for this too, please? All being well, I should be up for it. Booked into the Llanerch Inn.
  2. Re-arrangements and cancellations have freed up my Saturday, so I’ve just bought day tickets for Ruby and me. I’ve been out in the car a bit of late, it’s filthy and I ain’t washing it now, so it’ll be more hide & gloom than show & shine. I will, however, be bringing along a bingo prize have a great evening, we’ll see you in the morning
  3. RedTrev


    Ah, ok, I'll wait until Boris sorts this out for us after the 31st October.
  4. RedTrev


    Where from Dan? I have R1-R’s, I got them from Oponeo but can’t find them anywhere online now. Discontinued maybe
  5. Above you can see I gave away 4 great XR4x4 alloy wheels/tyres 5 years ago, now I’m after one (or similar) to use as a spare! Anybody got one that’s cluttering the garage and wants out of the way? Cheers, T.
  6. My sump shortened as shown in link below: http://nw.rhocar.org/sump.htm Never experienced any problems.
  7. RedTrev


    I used a London Taxi heater; the one they fit under the driver seat to heat the rear passenger compartment. It's compact (sits nicely on top of the tunnel) and has 3 speed motor. Just need to fabricate a panel to connect your air ducts to. Picture stolen from ebay:
  8. RedTrev

    Its A Smoker!

    I recently stripped my Pinto to pieces and rebuilt. After rebuild I was blowing smoke from the exhaust when giving the car some beans. Turned out, I'd made a schoolboy error and overfilled oil. It wasn't much over level, but it made a big difference once level corrected; no more smoke. Worth a check? BTW mine has PCV plumbed back into inlet manifold. T
  9. Nice one. I'll be there for breakfast too.
  10. If I can get myself sorted, I might pop over.
  11. Wot! No V8 to spur us on? ....or will Jackie take control of the horses?
  12. Sounds good to me, Rich, do you have anywhere in mind?
  13. Blimey, the weather forecasters got it right, it was a fine afternoon! Nice run through the Peak District, thanks Rich. Laura enjoyed her first Kit Car run out, I think she'll be up for more .
  14. Says he with the fully fitted water tight hard top! Steve, take your waterproofs.... Have you drilled holes in those seats yet?
  15. It's not, it's looking pretty wet for the morning, but they forecast rain for Coventry today, and we've had nothing but sunshine this afters
  16. I'll come over to Tamworth and run up with you too. I'll detour off as we near Markeaton Island to pick-up Laura from Derby. Where to meet-up in Tamworth, Rich?
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