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  1. robjob0

    Fog Lights

    It's supposed to stop the fog light coming back on after you've switch the light off then switched them back on again, This mean you don't drive with your fog lights on when not needed. But if it will pass your way that's what I'll do. Thanks Robin
  2. robjob0

    Fog Lights

    Hi all, I'm just getting back to working on my 2b after a couple of years inactivity, I'm trying to get the rear fog light to work as per Iva regs,I brought an easilatch but I'm not quite sure what connects to what. Has anyone else used one of these and can point me in the right direction. Instructions say :- orange permanent +12v to yellow on easilatch (your existing on/off"latching switch Red +12v dc to easilatch. Brown latched +12v output to bulb ( grey/yellow) Black to earth. Robin
  3. robjob0


    Hi All Just trying to sort out engine bay wiring but am not sure where the black wire from the bosch distributor goes help would be appreciated. Thanks Robin
  4. Hi all I've just put my cylinder head back on with new bolts but need to remove it again do I need to use new bolts again when I replace it or should the other be ok. I haven't run the engine yet so only tightened to first stage. Also I've got a 32/34 DTML weber carb has any one got a picture of where the pipes go to on the front and back many thanks Robin
  5. Just followed a H reg sierra saphire 1.8 on the back of a breakers lorry. Tempted to go and see how much they want for it in the morning. Robin
  6. Hi I found the only way to get the sprocket off was to modify as set of pullers with an angle grinder, took some time but got there in the end, Best of luck
  7. robjob0

    No Spark

    Hi Graham Yes I have 12v to the coil and it's a carb model ' So I'm still baffled is there any way of testing the ecu. cheers Robin
  8. robjob0

    No Spark

    Hi all I don't normally ask many questions as I've usually found answers in other post. I've got a DOHC engine in my 2B it has always started fine, but now I getting near the end of the build it's decided it doesn't want to start any more. I cant seem to get a spark . I've changed the coil, distributor, rotor arm, HT leads and plugs as well as checking all the wiring. has any one got any ideas. Many thanks Robin
  9. robjob0


    Hi all does anyone know where I can get some cheapish short 3 point seatbelt harnesses ? ,I have been looking on fleabay of a while now and did buy a pair but they are to long. cheers Robin
  10. robjob0

    Seat Belt Top Mounts

    I've got an early 2b,The seat belt mounts are on the back of a round chassis beam not yet tested do you think this will pass.
  11. Hi all Would an aero style filler cap from a motorbike be usable as for cars new caps for cars seem to very expensive but bike ones not so, sorry to hi jack this topic but I can,t seem to get the new topic board to work. Robin
  12. robjob0

    First Time Buyer!

    I have a slidding pillar car ( not on the road yet) I was wondering what poundage the springs are and wether it is worth getting some new ones until I can afford to have a conversion cheers Robin
  13. It just rained in sunny Eastbourne,but at least the gritters were out.
  14. I have race seats in my 2b it's quite a tight fit and if you use runners there isn't much backwards and fowards movement and they have to be modified a bit. The widest part at the front of the seat is 50cm narrowing to 40cm at the back. Hope this helps. Robin
  15. Wouldn't it be good if GBS made a slidding pillock conversion kit I'm sure they would sell a lot. I would buy one if the price was right
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