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  1. Your not wrong there , ones mind does boggle at that , a whole new meaning to strap on play thing eh & for kids too !!! Those Japanese .
  2. miikae

    New Job

    Congrats on getting that job and i well know how you must be feeling now elated yes , as i to worked in Avionics many moons ago Starting with Elliot Automation (flight data computer prototyping on Jaguar , C5A Galaxy, plus many many more ) , Plessey (SAAB) and finaly MSDS on sat comms for NATO a lot of travelling with this one . Good Luck for the future Mike
  3. I have used this ( http://www.slime.com/category_3_Tire_Sealant.html ) in the past on my bikes with ally wheels with some success , but i must admit that i dont realy know what sort of a mess it could make to the wheel as i have never had to take a tyre off fortunately . But not carrying a spare wont help if you damage a wheel in one of those pot holes that are always appearaing these days . mike
  4. Hi Fred , You can check out the (http://www.kitpartsdirect.com/) web site or even have a look on ebay as they heve been listing them on there recently, plus you could always phone kit parts direct /GBS . This is the page that they are on http://www.kitpartsdirect.com/page24.htm . Hope that you get sorted and get your car on the road soon . Mike
  5. miikae


    My diff is 3.38 7 " push fit , tag reads 83BG4006 LC -4A 338 2MOO there may well be a couple of letters missing as it was quite hard to read due to corrosion as is usual on these tags . Hope that may help . Mike
  6. The self tapper looks to be in the right place for it to be a sierra moulded filler pipe and with the breather pipe stub pointing towards the o/s . Mike
  7. University of Cambridge Magnetics & Electronics Project Lab http://www.ukstores.org/shop.php?c=Toys&am...ics_Project_Lab I searched for Tandy and was directed here , i assume that the mother company Radio Shack is still doing bussiness in the states , just checked and yes they are alive and kicking in good old USA
  8. Oh did they really , good to tell you have not done a search , i guess you kow best then eh . How is it that they do just you what you wanted , only trying to help . As i found it . £39.56
  9. Hi Dave , Have you checked that the starter solenoid contacts are not sticking as badly worn burnt contacts can weld themselves together , Mike
  10. Hi Paul , was the Bmw driver reported for being on the phone by any chance ? As if he was reported and was prossecuted for this you may be able to claim for more than the loss of the car , its just a thought . Mike
  11. Wire colours may vary depending on which wireing loom was used . If indoubt connect 30 first Bat + and then check with a meter or a light bulb which terminal gets power when the switch is operated . 30 bat + 50 start 15 ign R acc Mike
  12. I like it , the old ones are the best and can still bring a smile to one .
  13. When you buy plates from the DVLA they do tell the buyer that it is ilegal to alter the spacings and that the new plates you have just bought could be confiscated from the buyer and with no refund of the price you paid for them , so your mistake your loss no refund . So no excuses excepted , you have been warned !! Mike
  14. The ebay seller of those boots is a good supplier of lots of hard to get motor spares you only have to ask him , i have know him for well over 30yrs now and bought most of my stuff from him in that time , He writes best man speeches too as his ebay name implies . Mike
  15. Donor parts from one of these may be of use here . New System: Electric Parking Brake A recent variation is the electric parking brake. First installed in the 2003 Lincoln LS, electric brakes have since appeared in a number of vehicles, including the Audi A6 and A8, BMW 7 Series, Jaguar S-Type and XJ, and the 2006 Volkswagen Passat. Two variations are available: In the more-primitive 'cable-pulling' type, an electric motor simply pulls the emergency brake cable rather than a mechanical handle in the cabin. A more advanced unit uses a computer-controlled motor attached to the brake caliper to activate it. Mike
  16. Why not go hydraulic , use a line lock valve that way it could be done manually or even electricaly opperated if so required . But not certain of SVA requirements regarding this approach as they may want a separate system as it is supposed to be an emergency brake afterall . Mike
  17. Just measured my old 4 speed box 30 1/2 " from bellhousing to end of tail casting plus 17mm of 25 spline shaft , not certain of the total length of a five speed type 9 but i thought that it was approx 2-3" longer i may be wrong here & getting confused with the mounting being further back , i had no problem changing from a 4 to a 5 , just moved the mounting back and used the same propshaft as it was a perfect fit . Mike
  18. id be more than a bit wary if you see what he's been buying lately !!!!
  19. miikae

    Ebay Dispute

    Pleased that you got it sorted in the end Tak , you will just have to put it down to experance i suppose , but at least you didnt loose out and he got a flea in his ear . These things are sent to try us and they certainly do at times . Mike
  20. miikae

    Ebay Dispute

    Hi Tak , You could leave him neg feedback stateing item not received and when and if you do receive it , you can always post an addition to your feedback comment as i had to do this last year and it speeded everything up as he soon saw that i got my item , lots of appoligies too to clear his name . Mike
  21. Nice one Ian , You just reminded me that i have many full lengths of Dexion plus nuts bolts and corner pieces lodged in the garage roof (been there for 15 years ) , been wondering how to stack the tool boxes to get them off the floor . So thats another job pending . Mike
  22. miikae

    Ebay Dispute

    Hi , I had the same problem a couple of months ago i was mad too , but i phoned them and paid the excess , got them to deliver it as i was not intending to trek into town to pick it up as it would cost me at lot more to go by car .(a 40 mile round trip). Our local postie has also done the same for me in the past with revenue due items . Mike
  23. The story so far --stripped it down checked all connectors , connections etc , (as earlier in the day i noticed that as soon as it was tapped or moved it locked up ) , put it all back together and now it wont even turn on , it is getting power as the front panel lights work , the bios bat is down to 2.5 v so not completley dead , i am thinking now the power board could possibly have a fault , so the back off again in the morrow and check it all over again . Mike
  24. It is in fact a model PS610E , SP6100 series so quite an old one i beleive 5 years old maybe . So about anything could be happen now aarrgghh , I dont think my lad has much patience these days so he brings it to me to sort out , the old man !!! Mike
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