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  1. I have a pair on mine and so far no probs although they are larger than standard clamps but they are covered , got mine from Premier Wireing last year . £7.50 a pair , just had a look see. http://premierwiring.co.uk/index.php?modul...3392767901-3830 Mike
  2. Many thanks SEgan , i have just had a look at DealExtreme and yes they are a good price so ordered a pair too cheap to pass up , i intend to fit them on the cycle wing support bar just under the guard but will have to see what happens when i try and offer them up . Mike
  3. I too have been thinking of doing the same but as yet have not seen the likes of those you have fitted , what are they from ? Mike
  4. I used the Goodrige kit part no-SFD032-4P , the fronts approx 13 1/2"back nut to back nut and the rears 11 1/2" , the fronts where a great fit , the rears not fitted as yet due to the brakes being spot on now . Mike
  5. miikae

    Rocker Cover

    I had this problem when i raised the engine with 16mm spacers to clear the Dcoe 40 air filters , the filler cap fouled the bonnet so i cut the top location webs off so that it would fit in the filler neck further and it worked thankfully missing the bonnet by a couple of mm , when i can get hold of another rocker cover i will move the filler to the rear so that i can fit the higher breather type with fitted outlet pipe . Mike
  6. Hi , I have a piece of 2"x4" hollow section cut to the same width as the rubber stand off bobbin and that spaces it off ok , hope this helps . Mike
  7. Sad to say that I too seriously doubt that petrol will ever come down in price unless the government want it to . I seem to remember that in the 70s on Tomorrow's World , Raymond Baxter featured an engine that could be run on anything from "water to peanut butter" , does anyone remember this ? I suppose it went the same way as the everlasting light bulb and the ladderless stockings to name only two , hidden in a vault somewhere nodoubt until whenever someone deems it right to open the vault thats full of cost cutting inventions to help mankind .
  8. Mine Got what a mess , that brake line was a very lucky miss , well i hope it wasnt the fuel line as could of been very nasty . Doesnt bare thinking about does it . Pleased no one hurt . Mike
  9. After inspecting a Donut on my lads BMW that is on its way out , i can now understand why they can cause such a lot of damage as upon failure the propshaft will tend to climb over the gearbox drive rather than just spinning free and thus flailing around until the car is stopped , the only way i can see to possibly prevent this would to fit a split tube around the donut and bolted together for easy removal , with sufficient gap as not to foul when the gearbox mounts flex and fixed to the tunnel sides and bottom by brackets . This may contain the propshaft but the gearbox drive flange would possibly get wrecked together with the seal plus the gearbox etc , although the driver and passenger should be free from any injury which is more to the point . Just my early morning pondering thoughts on the subject . Mike
  10. Hi Dan , On the one i fitted the pinouts are -- pin 1/left ind + , pin 2 /choke , pin 3/ handbrake , pin 4/ not used, pin 5 /right ind + , pin 6/right & left ind neg , pin 7 low fuel, pin 8 /ign warning light , pin 9/ ign live feed , pin 10/ high beam , pin 11/ oil warning light , pin 12/ pos feed for oil warning light , pin 13 / not used Hope this helps Mike
  11. Very hairy , i will stick to our country lane's thanks very much as they are much easier on this old ticker
  12. miikae

    Intake Pipe

    Hi , I think that maybe this is what you may be looking for a Piper Cross 600 series Airbox http://www.pipercross.net/competition_carb_600_airbox.asp Mike
  13. I forgot to add that before fitting the Gaz shocks i had removed the ARB and converted it to tie bars as can be seen in my garage . Hence the 130 lb springs . Mike
  14. Hi , i fitted GAZ coilovers 13"x9" model Gazmatic 130/090 with 130 springs 50mm bore , Hope that helps , Mike
  15. miikae

    Moral Dilema

    Many years ago we where in a collision between two lorries , yes we where the meat in the sandwich on a down hill section in Epping Forest , when one lorries brakes failed , it was fully loaded with grain , i saw it coming and watched in horror as it hit us forcing our car under the Ford lorry in front which was stationery , my mother had hit her head on the screen . There was a settlement but regretably my father agreed on a full and final settlement, case closed as they would not agree to leaving the case open pending further problems . Some time later doctors diagnosed MS and stated that the accident could have contrubited to her present condition . What i am trying to say do not ever grab the money if offered without taking everything into concideration as my father always regretted taking the payout . Mike
  16. Hi Greenie , If you try this link you should be able find all you are looking for , uk company in Bedford . http://www.lmaperformance.com/motorsport/P...ting_parts.html I bought the TOPOT remote oil pressure & oil temp sender unit t-piece kit , they where very helpful when i phoned em enquiring about thread sizes etc . Well recomended . Mike
  17. Hi Steve , I fitted a pair of Cobra Roadster 7 bucket seats into my S7 , however i did move the tunnel plates in about an inch either side during the rebuild so as to give a little more room and it turned out fine , plus they are on runners . Pics in my garage may give you some idea of the fit . Mike
  18. Hi Ian , try this ebay item 8267180437. He does stainless poppers aswell . Mike
  19. This maybe of interest to the Kentish Boys , maybe in your area soon !! http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=16930 Mike
  20. Alonso shouted foul knowing that he was well in the poo now points wise , the two wreckers wanted to blame someone for there mistake so Lewis was their target but the shots went wide thankfully . Nice one Lewis the Championship is almost yours , one more Win to go and Bingo the youngest rookie champion and a Brit too .
  21. Sorry Ian , hope you have got your breath back now Mike
  22. The 4th part is for the fixing of the male part that is usually fitted to the body , but instead fitting it to a fabric or whatever material , Mike
  23. I cut my ARB in bits last winter as can be seen on some pics in my garage plus how i did it , all by hand except the drilling (pillar drill) , taping the threads was the easy bit . Mike
  24. Hi Tim , Try Auto Paint (St Helens) www.auto-paint.co.uk 01744 818102 , I got some paint and thinners from them a couple of months ago and they made up what i requested via a paint code . Mike
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