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  1. In theory it can't not work but I'd wonder how well the induction mixture will flow, given that the plenum between the carbs and the head will have numerous dead air pockets which will cause a lot of turbulence in the mixture and could cause fuel droplets to condense out onto the walls of the manifold and affect the fuel / air mixture. My personal view would be while it would probably work to a certain extent, you wouldn't be using the bike carbs to their fullest potential.
  2. Yes - http://community.rhocar.org/index.php?show...c=18398&hl=
  3. I've got an account with BOC for a half size Argoshield bottle that I use on my big MIG welder which I hardly ever use now so I only get a bottle once every couple of years, but the one thing I will say about BOC is I've hardly ever know a company increase their prices as often as they do. I can't remember how much I pay for the annual rental but I think it costs something like £50 to get the bottle refilled. Now that my welding is mostly thin stull and stainless steel rather than big mild steel fabrications, I use a small hobby type welder with gasless wire for mild steel and a small disposable bottle for welding stainless which I think are about a tenner a time from Halfrauds or Machine Mart. A good tip with the disposable bottles is to always loosen off the regulator when you finish welding as they sometimes don't seal that well and the gas tends to escape over time.
  4. http://www.wickes.co.uk/Mounting-Boxes/5m-...uit/invt/715020 - Think it's also available in black.
  5. Why bother with a book when you have a wealth of experience available here to call upon?
  6. Items are also available in store. Picked up a 40 LED lamp this morning and looks OK for the cash.
  7. Try these: http://www.woolworths.co.uk/web/jsp/produc...sp?pid=50697087 http://www.woolworths.co.uk/web/jsp/produc...sp?pid=50965559
  8. Spotted this on another forum I frequent (VW T4 forum and with credit to the original poster there Simplepsy), might be of interest. http://www.woolworths.co.uk/web/jsp/...p?pid=50697087 http://www.woolworths.co.uk/web/jsp/...p?pid=50965559 1st link is for 500w halogen work lamps for £6.50 2nd link - 40 LED dual power work lamps - draw less power, smaller, less heat PLUS they can charge then use an internal battery. Don't know if it's an interweb only offer or if they're also instore but no doudt someone else will find out.
  9. richyb66

    What Car?

    1925 Alfa Romeo P2
  10. ...Pre 1990 minis that is. Bit cheaper here http://www.minispares.com/Product.aspx?pid=33787 Most likely to be a UNF thread as it's a banjo fitting so the adaptor shown in your photo must be a tapered thread as I can't se a washer sealing the face against the manifold - could well be something like an air line fitting (as in compressor not BA)
  11. The Rover banjo bolt part number is 2A715 - which means it's been around for a while. You won't want to be buying a new one as they're about £18!!! The sealing washers are AED172 at about £1-50 each. As an alternative, the same part is used on Rover 800 brake servo, most Rover 200 and 400 brake servos (except those with ABS), on Mini and Metro Brake servo. Suprisingly it also seems to be used on the mini for the oil pressure pipe that goes from the oil filter housing where it bolts to the engine block, so there shouldn't be a shortage of suitable parts in the scrapyard. Or else buy this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MINI-METRO-TURBO-OIL...1QQcmdZViewItem I'll try and do a bit more digging and find some thread sizes.
  12. richyb66

    Rover Gearbox

    Another one on here - http://www.rodandclassicmart.co.uk/PARTSFORSALE.HTM Advert 2086 Worth a call maybe and might be worth posting a wanted ad on here http://www.rodandclassicmart.co.uk It's free to put and ad on, you just have to send an email to Ray who is clearly a top bloke to be running this site for nowt.
  13. richyb66

    Rover Gearbox

    You could just try phoning - the early bird and all that.
  14. Tight enough so that it can't move and risk rubbing through, certainly not loose in the clip. A bit of slack between clips won't hurt so you don't need to stretch the loom before you tighten them.
  15. richyb66

    Rover Gearbox

    Spotted this on another forum I frequent and not too far from you I think. http://www.nsra.org.uk/newforum/showthread.php?t=4135
  16. What about Custom Chrome in Nuneaton? Ok it's not in Staffs but they've been going 30 odd years and I've not heard a bad report about them. Might be worth giving them a call. www.custom-chrome.co.uk
  17. Just as well it wasn't in Clitheroe, Lancs.
  18. Chain drill through the door frame into the metal lock mortice adjacent to the lock bolt - use something like say 5mm. Chisel out remaining wood and use a hacksaw blade (or jigsaw if you can get in) to remove any remaining lock mortice until you can get the door to open - work carefully and remove only what you need to in order to open the door. Then remove the lock mortice in the usual manner - tidy up the damaged frame, cut a piece of scrap timber to fill in the damage, glue and screw it in position and fit a new lock mortice and lock to the door. I used this technique on my front door when the lock jammed - worked a treat and took about an hour start to finish. Don't bother trying to cut or drill the lock, you'l be there for ages and probably damage the door. Why damage a perfectly good wooden door - go for the frame instead, it easier and cheaper to repair if you take a bit of time with your drilling.
  19. Just push it 50 yards back into the lake - that ought to take care of it.
  20. richyb66

    What Car?

    Bentley 6 - Mark V?
  21. Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione - the 5 stud wheels give it away as an Evoluzione. I'll get my anorak and be leaving now!
  22. richyb66


    The girlfriend's car was in for a repair recently and she had a courtecy car from the body shop. Got a call at work that she was in Asda carpark and couldn't get reverse and so couldn't move out of her space. The loan car was a Corsa and she hadn't realised that you had to slide the collar up on the lever to get reverse!
  23. How about one of these? http://www.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/shop...r=&PT_ID=77 I'm sure a bit of net surfing would allow you to find a cheaper equvalent.
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