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  1. Sale agreed , subject to funds transfer, thats it ! john
  2. Could be the last one ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Westfield SEIW V6 2.8 This has been a hard decision that has taken a long time to make, The car spends far too much time locked away in the garage instead of being enjoyed on the open road. I have owned various kit cars over the last ten years and four years ago I was in a position to buy a Westfield, the kit I had always hankered for. Finding the right kit was not easy, after 6 months of trawling the internet I came across this one. Wide bodied, detachable rear arches, , limited slip diff, Willans 4 point Harnesses, V8 body and bright yellow, with a V6 cologne engine! When I saw the ad I thought it ticks all of the boxes except the engine one, but it looked good in the pictures so I went and had a look. As first impressions go it was good in fact Very good; I made my mind up within 5 minutes of seeing it. I thought that the engine could be changed at a later date, until the test drive that is! As a keen watcher of the professionals in the 80's, I was in car Heaven the sound was awesome and the power delivery was instant and strong . So that's the way the car was put together (one of four specially adapted chassis to take the cologne engine I was told) and that's the way it has stayed for the ten years of its life. The car comes with a huge box of receipts and pictures of the build and invoices for any other parts that have been replaced over the years, Last winter I replaced the Fibre camshaft gear with an aluminium one from Specialised Engines Just starting to quieten down now, much quieter that the howling steel ones. Also all the rubber fuel pipes were replaced. The car has a touch key immobiliser. Full wet weather gear (Not going to say never been out in the wet because it has although it's not much fun and needs to be treated carefully) Manages about 180 on a tank of fuel, no idea what mpg is! It's all about Smiles per gallon. I would say the car is more of a sports tourer and not a lightweight track car, but it is well mannered fast and a joy to drive. The power figures quoted are approx 135BHP 162lb ft of torque in a car with a weight of about 750kg. MOT'd until July 2011 and taxed until the end of march 2011. It was SVA'd and registered in August 2000 and looks the same as when it was put together, no upgraditus, ! and has covered 12,400 miles Priced to sell £7,500 . I am the third owner of this car. Any questions please E mail me , if you would like to see any bits of the car in detail I will happily take a picture and send it to you. More pictures on photo bucket westy pictures
  4. Hi , Scince buying our capmper we have found that we are not using the trailer any more so we have decided to sell, it is- Erde 122 trailer (max400kg) so not braked ideal for towing behind a R/H) fitted with ABS plastic lockable lid, Fitted spare wheel, Jockey wheel, Lockable hitch and marine ply floor. It has only been used for carrying camping gear it is two years old and done approx 1000 miles. looking at the halfords website it would cost over £500 I am looking for £300 It tows very well and has an aerial fitted to the top of the cover so I could see where it is when reversing. john Located in Hertfordshire Halfords erde 122 Halfords ABS cover
  5. cairnnut

    New Forum

    Hi matt , just tried again all sorted , thank you . not had a chance to check out the whole site but from what I have seen looks good. john
  6. cairnnut

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    Help ! I can get on here fine but Helen's computer goes to the old page ok but when she clics on the redirection link it comes up www.rhocar.org driver error ! and asks you to refresh page ! she is using the same server as me and using ie8 and same BT software as me , I have cleared the cookies and browser history in the tools bit. All other links and webpages are working as normal just cannot get on here. She can log in on the old page but there is nothing there. any idea's (in simple terms please) thanks john
  7. saw this on the westfield site and thought I would start a poll on here. john
  8. John there's a set going free on the locost site laser wheels
  9. Hang on here is that not discrimination , I am a member of RHOcAR but own a westfield And you are suggesting I cannot take part because of this !
  10. In fairness to the dealers its not them that set the prices , Its the Motor manufacturer that make the huge profits, The dealers only make about 20-25% but it is true what you say about the huge variation in price for the same part. John
  11. Probably not Andi , later reports on the forum give details of the driver and passenger both from the Bristol area, When we went to the factory for a visit they sent Helen and I out on our own , they just explained to us their normal test drive route. Me thinks that may change now ! Terrible tradgedy
  12. Just been looking at the online iva manual , and it does say they must be on dip and main beam but doesn't mention anything about side lights . just checked again on 08 fiesta rear comes on with sidelights but only if the front fogs are on. The westie works on dip and main Method of Inspection Required Standard Carry out a visual check of the rear fog lamps fitted to the vehicle for operation, colour, number and correct positioning. This includes optional lamps. With optional lamps check that fitment is permitted and they do not exceed the maximum number of lamps allowed to be fitted Note 1: This may be achieved by a pictogram (see section 33) or a word type format, the tell tale may be any colour providing it cannot be confused with any other tell tale. Note 2: This does not apply to mass produced North American Vehicle’s approved with either FMVSS or CMVSS: • when the fog lamp has been produced by conversion of a brake lamp, or • evidence that the lamp gives suitable intensity has been provided. Rear fog lamps; 1. They must be operational 2. The correct number must be fitted to the vehicle (Table 1) 3. The lamp(s) must illuminate in conjunction with dipped beam. 4. The lamp(s) must illuminate in conjunction with main beam. 5. The lamp(s) must illuminate in conjunction with front fog lamps (if fitted). 6. They must not be affected by switching on or off any other lamps (except those detailed in RS 3,4 and 5) 7. Must be capable of being switched off independently of any other lamp 8. They must only emit a red light 9. They must be positioned correctly to meet a. the positional requirements of Table 1 b. the angles of visibility requirements of Table 1 10. Must be fitted with an operational “tell-tale” lamp (non-flashing) visible from the driving position
  13. Hi ian ,good result soon be on the road re the fog light can they be wired to the side light circuit ? just checked on my road car and they work that way. john
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