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  1. I used something similar on both my robin hood and Westfield looked great.
  2. I've seen 13t and 19t, Impreza ones Saab ones, Chinese off eBay any good ? Know next to nowt about turbos and want to get building
  3. Does the dizzy have points? Or is it a later electronic one? If later I Had exactly the same happen to me I had to replace the dizzy for a new electronic one (aftermarket)
  4. Just ordered a standard exhaust manifold and will try and modify that to take a turbo, just need a turbo now
  5. Slide hammers are good at shifting stubborn pulleys, my hammer has a hook attachment for such jobs
  6. Sorry no, I got lucky getting them 2nd hand from another car forum.
  7. My led headlights passed mot ok, as they did have nesseary beam pattern.
  8. Got some in my stylus, straight swap in no issues
  9. Trouble is my GRP bonnet would be mm away from the turbo and it's heat
  10. Did try ringing several times with no answer, cheers Dean will look into it
  11. Been in contact via email with boost performance can't say i.m impressed with there responce to my questions probably going to look else where I need the turbo mounting low down basically where my 4 in to 1 joins together. (Clearance issues) probably going to need a custom manifold making.
  12. speedtripledan

    Rear Engine

    Mev rocket has engine in the back, seems to work ok
  13. If your running 256 at 8 to 9psi then 270 ISH should be achieved at 12psi which is still safe on a zetec. Just need to get the bits now
  14. Raised the gearing and kept the rpm low, much safer and more reliable
  15. Always kept mine limited to 6500rpm power tailed off at 5700 so pointless reving any further on mine. Cheers for all the info will be collecting parts over the next few months
  16. How much bhp and ft-lb have you lot been getting out of yours ? I.m guessing at 12psi torque will be similar to my charger but later in rev range and bhp around 270bhp 30 up on my charger due to the parasitic lose chargers have.
  17. Want a project so thought a turbo sounds like a fun simple thing to try and yes the whining is an issue with the dB meters at the track, won't get through on the stricter tracks
  18. Thinking of a turbo instead of the supercharger, just wondering what exhaust manifolds you have used and what turbos, only after 12psi max boost. Cheers
  19. i,m after a set of throttle bodies for my my silvertop zetec, anyone got some to sell?
  20. No nothing silly, just bored of it and not using it enough, I think the design and build is more fun these days. To much traffic and to many average speed cameras around these parts
  21. If I keep it, I will be un supercharging it and re painting
  22. I have a V6 spec type 9 on a 3.54 diff (English axle) net result is 60 in 2nd in the low 4s when I had the 3.89 diff it was 60 in the 5,s as that extra gear change into 3rd added time, the taller diff reduced wheel spin through the gears as well. Obviously you need the power and torque to pull the taller gears. Google Westfield gearcalc there is a great little page that works out gear ratio and speed in each gear.
  23. ETB with a digital sender attached to where the Speedo cable once went on a type9.
  24. Try a canems ECU awesome bit of kit and not as expensive as some of the big boys, had one on my car works faultless
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