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  1. The nice man at the IVA test centre adjusted mine for me. They weren't far out, so he just tweaked them. I'm sure if you ask nicely he will oblige Nige
  2. I just love the video, where he states that the front suspension is a precision piece of engineering and then goes on to drill the holes with out centre punching! You will probably find that with this precision engineering you will need to pack out each side with varing amounts of washers. Mine are 5 and 3 on one side and 7 and 4 on the other. I was amaised when the car drove in a straight line
  3. I cut down the orginal ford seat runners, as the wife wanted to be able to drive the car! However, once I had fitted the sound proof matting and carpet they couldn't be moved. Phew! IVA looked at them and asked if they were adjustable which of course they were not, but I have to admit I was glad of that because I could see that as something else it could fail on very easily. I would suggest finding a way to lock them soild until after the test.
  4. nigelt

    Registration Information

    Thanks Richard, I gave GBS a call and they seem baffled by this as the chasis number had to be there for the IVA. Seems like I have someone who does not know what they are doing at the DVLA. Nige
  5. nigelt

    Registration Information

    I have just rung the DVLA as I also recieved a letter asking for confirmation that the chasis was new and its number. As I started building the car 10 yrs ago, there is no chasis number and GBS records do not go back that far. I was told they needed this information regardless of what registration you wanted (new or age related). I really can not see what the problem is, if you bought a brand new kit or a second hand one. If I can't prove to them the chasis was new, then it looks like I just wasted 10 yrs of my life and a lot of money. All this officious clap trap has put me off ever building another one!!
  6. If you mean the geometry, camber/Castor/Toe in etc, would you beleive it, I did mine with a plumb line and a bit of maths. I centred the car in the garage and made sure it was level. Then using trig' calculated the height from the center of the wheel to the ceiling and how much a 1 degree camber would generate at the ceiling. pinned the plumb line to that point in the ceiling and then adjusted and adjusted and adjusted etc till it all lined up. If that makes sense. I did something similar with the toe in. Supprisingly the car drives as straight as a die.
  7. I would watch out for the gear knob. mine failed on one similar to that. Crazy I know, but might be good idea to take the orignal ford one with you so you can swap. Nige
  8. Probably in the same way, as if you'd left the sunroof open!
  9. If the engine is failing to turn over, as if the battery has gone flat. Then you probably have a bad earth from the battery to the engine and/or from the engine to the chassis. Have a look at the connections, you might find they are corroded in some way, that when hot introduce a high resistance. Nige
  10. nigelt


    With Full beam on, the dipped beam will go off. When you flash, dipped beam stay on. (Ford wiring Loom). This is correct. However, I had a problem with the stalk which was not making proper contact on occasions, so I would not get full beam. Nige
  11. Yes I was none too impressed when he failed them!
  12. You need two VIN Plates. One, either welded to the chassis on the driver side, or stamped into the chassis. The second one can be riveted some place else such as the firewall. However, the second one must also have the manufactures name either stamped or engraved onto it as well. Nige
  13. That's a good idea for the nut, but mine failed on the knuckle, and there is no position you can put the mirror into that would be usable and avoid the test ball.
  14. Hi WallerZ, Looking at the photos, it looks like you have used the wing mirrors from GBS, that state they are IVA approved. They are NOT. mine failed as the knuckle and nut at the mirror end did not have a good enough radius. I have had to find some very large heatshrink (two different sizes) to cover the knuckle and nut. Looks pants but will get past. Nige
  15. Hi Richby66, When you say get the screen from Autoglass, do you mean get a Landrover defender/Fiat Uno screen? Just want to make sure I understand. Cheers Nige
  16. Hi All, Took my 2b for its IVA a couple of weeks ago and one of the things it failed on was the windscreen not having the \ symbol, which indicates that its toughend glass. I spoke to kit spares and they say that none of their windscreens are likely to have this marking so will not be IVA approved. Does anyone know where I can get a screen made that will be up to date and have the right markings? Or will I be able to re-present the car with out a windscreen. Thanks Nige
  17. nigelt

    Pre-Iva Photos

    Also the VIN on the bulkhead must also have the manufactures name as well. i.e. GBS ltd. I can't see that from the photo. Nige
  18. nigelt

    After The Iva

    Hi all, I now have my IVA test date for the end of the month, and in an earlier post it was suggested that I drive the car to the test, which I will do. However, after the IVA I then have to get the car to my nearest (30 miles) DVLA centre for some number check/to obtain ok for registration. So the question is can I drive it to them as well or will on this occasion have to have it trailered? Thanks Nige
  19. nigelt

    Iva Paperwork Help

    I had problems with the email etc so its best to ring Paul. And yes he is providing this service as I contacted him just a couple of weeks ago. A very efficient and knowledgeable man. Nige
  20. Depending on what sort of current you are looking at you might look at these Amphenol connectors. Not cheap but look smart. Used to use them on aircraft and missiles. Nige http://uk.farnell.com/jsp/search/productListing.jsp?SKUS=1816245,1816246,1816247,1816248,1816249,1816250,1816252,1816253,1816254,1816255,1816256,1816257,1816258,1816259,1816260,1816261,1816262,1816264,1816265,1816266,1816267,1816268,1816269,1816270,1816271,1816272,1816273,1816274,1816276,1816277,1816278,1816279,1816280,1816281,1816282,1816283,1816284,1816285,1816286,1816288,1816289,1816290,1816291,1816292,1816293,1816294
  21. nigelt

    Getting To The Iva

    I did think about that, but I would have to do a six mile detour to avoid all the stupid speed bumps that are higher than the regulation, in our town. I only have about a 3-3.5 inch clearence from the chaisis member that passes in front of the sump. I might still do it though as I will find out how it handles. Nige
  22. nigelt

    Getting To The Iva

    Thanks for the quick responses guys. I think trailer is the best way then. (I've got carriage returns back!... Bloody IE10) Nige
  23. nigelt

    Getting To The Iva

    Hi All, Just a quick question. Are you allowed to tow the car to the exam and if so is there any requirements like insurance etc?
  24. I have now managed to make contact and paperwork is all under way. Thanks everyone. Nige
  25. Hi Everyone, Is Paul still providing this service? I have tried both emails and they both return as undeliverable. Are his phone numbers still ok? Regards Nigel
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