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  1. Hope it comes through while the brief period of good weather lasts
  2. That sounds about right. We ended up ordering both the v55/5 and the v55/4 from the dvla just to be on the safe side. I can't remember now which one we filled in. How long ago did you send yours?
  3. Took about 5 weeks from sending the forms to getting the v5. Got a q plate as it had a number of donor vehicles.
  4. Went on my first drive today. Not entirely successfully. Sounded a bit rough under acceleration so checked the fuel lines etc. Took it out again and after about half a mile heard an enormous bang. On inspection the ceramic bit of the spark plug had popped out of the threaded bit which was still in the engine. Both bits were in tact so popped a spare in and carried on. I think a new set of plugs is in order!!'
  5. Yes - they we're really helpful. Took it in November and the rolling road failed so they had to abandon the test but one of the guys took the time to gave us a few helpful pointers about things we might want to look at before booking the test again. Couldn't fault them.
  6. Thanks - cant wait. Didn't think it would ever pass. My dad did most of the work on it to make sure it met the IVA reqs - not easy with an series 3!
  7. After 6 years of build I finally got my Series 3a in for it's IVA. It passed at Beverley at the end of April and have just received the v5. I've been a bit quiet on the forums for the past couple of years but thanks to everyone who helped along the way! Hopefully get some number plates and insurance sorted tomorrow .
  8. Hello, I've got my car's engine running and it will soon have seats, instruments etc. in and hopefully be driveable. Before doing to much more I'd like to take it somewhere that I can test it. Not high speed testing, just to check it all works and do some adjustments and calibration. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good place to do this. I'm in Yorkshire so there's plenty of disused airfields but I don't know if any of them offer this facility. Dave
  9. I have a type 9 gearbox which I've just fitted to the engine (out of the car). When attaching the gearbox if it tipped to far i.e. tailshaft down then gearbox oil leaked out of the tailshaft where the propshaft will be fitted once in the car. Does this indicate that some seals need replacing? if so which ones? Apologies if this is a daft question but I don't know a lot about gearboxes. Thanks Dave
  10. I've got a new sierra fuel sender which has three terminals. Within the sender there's a blue wire, green wire and white wire. I can't really understand why there's three wires. Normally I just use trial and error but the fuel/electricity thing worries me a little bit. Which wires should I be connecting up? Having read the sierra haynes manual it talks about a vapour separator which goes back to the fuel sender. I've found I vapour separator in my pile of parts and think I just need to get some fuel hose for the return feed. The manual seems to suggest that if you have a pressure regulator the vapour separator is not needed. Anyone have any suggestions as to which is best. I'd prefer to use the vapour separator unless there's any reason not to. BTW I'm using an electric (red top type) fuel pump Any help appreciated.
  11. I'm in Leeds. I've just ordered one set of sierra alloy locking nuts so I'm just on the look out for 12 normal ones. Dave
  12. Thanks for that - makes sense. It's got steel wheels on at the moment so I'm probably just using the wrong nuts.
  13. Hello, I've been given a set of ford 14 inch alloys. The mounting holes have a small reducer (about 21mm across) fitting on them otherwise the holes are too big. Does anyone know if this is a standard part or where I can get them from as there are a few missing. I've attached a couple of pictures, one of the wheel and one of the piece I'm looking for.
  14. Looks really good - what's it made out of
  15. Thanks for the photos - all makes sense now. Slightly OT question. How have you routed your fuel line from the rear of the car to the front. Dave
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