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  1. 18 minutes ago, NickandNeil said:

    Just watched a u tube video.  This is the first time I have set the gaps on an overhead cam engine.  I set the gap between the valve stem and the follower.  It looks like I should have set it between the follower and the cam.  Will reset now and see if I have done any damage.

    That would create a rattle!

  2. Collets will only lock into place when used in the proper direction due to shoulders on the tappet.

    Have you done a quick visual check to see they are all there i.e. one part has not fallen into cylinder. 

    I would firstly check that all collets are visible. Then take out spark plugs look into each combustion chamber, ideally with led camera probe to see if anything is in the chamber.

    Make sure none of the springs have snapped whilst compressing them.

    Failing that is anyone near you, two heads better than one to help out.

  3. Hi all,

    The car has been on the road for 6 years and one thing that annoys me is the seeking suspension bushes. They are the original bushes from GBS and I put them in dry, with no grease.

    Has anyone found an alternative or should I buy new from GBS and add some grease? Thinking silicone grease or copper slip but will be guided by you knowledge and expertise.

    Thank you

  4. This is what being club member is all about, you cannot put a price on it. But when you need something a club member is always willing to help out.

  5. Going to my ex-AA days, we had circa 20-30% more breakdowns in excessive heat i.e. at the beach side in summer.

    The was mostly due to two areas; general poor maintenance during service, hose inspection, seeping radiator matrix and my favourite 'I thought something was wrong because I have to top up the water every week'. Secondly the antifreeze mixture was totally wrong, especially if they have been topping up with water. A lot of people think antifreeze is to stop the coolant from freezing but it has cleaning chemicals and more importantly raises the boiling point.

    Buy a coollant tester and check your mixture. Most is us would be surprised.

  6. Basically anything that can be touched by a sphere, use half a tennis ball needs to be rounded or covered.

    Although I have never caught myself on sharp edges but did burn my leg once on the exhaust.

  7. If you are still using the mechanical pump then drain back is normally a sign of the one way valves/diaphragm thingy is on the way out. Fitting a one-way valve will help but probably need a longer solution or retrofit an electrical facet pump.

  8. Hi,

    I was talking to another club member today and we was interrupted and didn't finish the conversation.

    What is the right order to sort geometry on GBS Zero, and what should the readings be?

    1. Tyre pressure hot or cold

    2. Ride height and rake

    3. Tracking, camber and caster

    Etc. Etc.

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