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  1. Ian,


    Looks a bit pricy I had the air filter cover chromed two weels ago and it cost me £20. But what the hell it looks really good and would be a great addition to the car. What else could you fit with such a 'wow' impact.



  2. Spencer,

    It would be good to see a side picture if possible please. I have not fitted the rad yet because I have no nose cone until Stafford. A little issue when I picked the Zero up.



    I like the hose tunnel through the chassis but same as Steve no welding gear.


    Regards all.


  3. Cheers Steve,

    Got home today from work the wife said another 'porn mag' arrive in the post its in your office. Its her nick name for any car, engineering, or parts magzine and the office yep you've gussed it the garage.


    Good read as always.


    Mark :clapping:

  4. Thanks Stuart,


    Do you think it will be worthwhile or just fit the 4 speed and change both engine and gearbox when upgrade, after all I might not go for Zetec and type 9 I might consider some thing else i.e. motorbike engine.




  5. Excellent a great acheivement another Zero on the Road. I bet you were/are grinning like a cheshire cat.


    Hard work over what's gong to be the first thing youe are going to change or modify?


    Well done have a beer and celebrate :drinks:



  6. As some of you know my donor vehicle was a sierra import from South Africa. It was fitted with a crossflow engine and 4 speed box. Richard at GBS has suggested that I replace the box with a 5 speed type 9. This will make future engines changes easier and long distance drives more pleasent.


    Questions if I go ahead with the change:

    1. Will it affect the registration process going for age related plate?

    2. Will the bellhousing from the 4 speed fit the 5 speed?

    3. What clutch set up would I need (part number etc)?

    4. Anything else I need to do or general advice i.e change starter motor?


    Thank you. :help:



  7. Russell,

    I am building the Zero kit. I went down the donor vehicle route as part of the fun stripping, cleaning and painting. 10 years in the planning 4 weeks into the build, you won't find a better forum or guys for advice and free information. As already stated don't under estimate the hidden costs of buying odds and sods.


    I am going to be the odd one out because my donor came with a old crossflow so in the tradition of locosts that's what I am going to use - well at least for the IVA. Then the fun starts with all the modofications you can do......


    Its great fun and a fantastic experience - take the plunge.



    PS haven't decide how to display my build photos yet!

  8. Maybe the dreaded political correctness is affecting the humour and I think most people are generally working harder and longer hours.


    When I was in the army the humour and p**s take was the backbone of all morale and friendship.


    I think this is a great forum and although not a heavy user I rely on the information and appreciate all your help in building my Zero.


    Keep the banter coming.



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