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  • Welcome to The UK Kit Car Club

    Don't be shy! Join in the fun by registering to post on the forum, and to get full benefits you can buy 12 months club membership for just £20!  Membership includes a quarterly club magazine, discounts with insurance companies and specialist suppliers,  exclusive, early or discounted access to a number of events each year and much more!

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  • Welcome to The UK Kit Car Club

    The aim of the club is to help and support members during the build (and inevitable ongoing maintenance and modification) as well as to plan and organise events throughout the year. The Club attends the major kit car shows throughout the year providing a stand with tea and coffee, plus a BBQ with food for members. You'll be warmly received, especially if you bring more food and drink !! We also have stands at many other shows all around the country.

    It's not just shows though, our active area secretaries and members regularly arrange run outs and longer trips to such places as Le Mans, Wales and Scotland, plus the annual club camping weekend and the traditional “end of season” get together. Keep an eye on the events section of the forum for news and details of upcoming events.

    The Club also produces four magazines a year, exclusively for club members, filled with all manner of things club or motoring related, and members can get their own articles published in it as well if they wish.

    The Club is an independent organisation, and although we have our roots as the Robin Hood Owners Club and Register (RHOCaR), we are very much a club for all makes and model of kit car, so anyone can be a "Hoody", as it's all about the state of mind, not the car you drive! Being a member of The UK Kit Car Club has many benefits above those already mentioned. Members benefit from discounted insurance with nearly all of the specialist kit car insurers, and often find that the discount is more than the club membership fee. Membership also gets you full access to the forum, and a variety of other discounts such as with Euro Car Parts. You'll also find other members are willing to go well above and beyond for any other member they see is in need of help !

    So whether you own a Robin Hood, a GBS Zero, a Locost, an MK, a Westfield, a Caterham, (or any of the many other types of kit car), everyone can benefit from joining, so what are you waiting for ?

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    Top Posters

    By Mat-Moo,

    Congratulations to Big Jim and Rizla for there continued (and continued, and continued, and continued, and continued, and continued) postings on these boards means that they have both now posted over 1000 messages! (I'm way down in fifth position!). As you have probably seen we now have over 20000+ posts and 750 users on this board! I think this new board format has worked well :) Keep posting everyone (Oh and Rizla gets a new custom title!)

    How Do I Upgrade My Account To "rhocar Member"?

    By Mat-Moo,

    1) Make sure you are a current member of RHOCaR

    2) Visit HERE to upgrade your account

    3) If this does not work then please try again in a week or so!


    This is a MANUAL process for us as Mick wrote so well :-

    Please dont lose track of the fact that our Club, wonderful as it is, is run by a very small group of unpaid volunteers doing the best they can in what spare time can be put aside in between work, home and family duties.


    When you send your form off to Tim it gets processed as soon as possible when spare time allows and the data base updated accordingly. When a suitable sized batch of renewals has been processed, an updated copy of the database is sent to Mat. When Mat manages to find a bit of spare time, he will update his website system to allow you in your spare time to 'upgrade' your membership status by following the link in Mats posting above this one.


    We all do the best we can in the time we have available. It is quite possible that the whole process could take 1-2 weeks or even longer on occasions. Membership is now past 830 - imagine sticking a card in an envelope, with a letter and list of members in your area , sticking it down, writing the adress on and stick ing a stamp on - them think of doing it another 839 times ! ! ! That is what is currently going on at Tims house ! ! !



    Next Magazine

    Guest Tim Norman
    By Guest Tim Norman,

    Whilst we all love to see our name on the screen in front of us there are still people who prefer the written word. The next magazine is currently being compiled and we need articles, stories, tales of woe or whatever. Write to Peter Knight or drop him an email or send it to me and I'llpass it on.

    With no stories it could well be the thinnest magazine yet. :(




    By Mat-Moo,

    (FYI) For your information, Current moderators are :-


    Admin,Mat-d-rat (Matthew Augier)

    Big Jim (Jim Stott)

    Tim Norman (Duh work it out!)

    Bob's Babe (Tim's better half)

    andymids (Andrew Smith)

    AreaSec2000 (Alan Darby)

    ColinR (Collin Russell)

    Jon Bradbury

    MikeD318 & Captain Daz (Kent)



    They have the power to edit,move and delte your posts if needed. Also only moderators can post in the "Newz" and "Eventz" and sections. If there is anything you would like posted in there please PM one of the moderators who will do it for you. (Mostly RHOCaR area secs etc.)


    By Mat-Moo,

    Sorry to inform you that you will need to register for this forum (again) as I can not move the information from the old forum, however I'll leave the old foum up for reference purposes.

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