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Why Did You Choose Your Sign On Name?


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"I've been Salty_monk for a dozen years or more, on a bunch of forums etc. It started with finding an original name for Yahoo mail & I just happened to have a mousemat (still have it) with a picture of the salty monk hotel on it..."



Hi Dan,

Must admit I was looking forward to hearing this one.

Know what you mean though about getting an original name, If i set up a new account these days I have to resort to picking a name then spelling it backwards.



Thats what I did with my nickname :rolleyes:

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Guest salty_monk
salty, which one in the pic is you? :p


None of them :lol: That hotel is in Devon or Dorset from memory. I was 17 as it was right when I first started driving. I must have been working the camera. I have a feeling there's a matching one somewhere with me in it but it's not on my mouse mat....



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Guest robinj66

Too many Robins on various forums - so its my name, first letter of surname (Jackson) and the year I was produced.


Sorry it is so boring :lazy: (wish I had a much more exciting explanation :pardon: )

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Not hard to guess mine. Surfer for the last 45 years. Started on the sixties when there were 50 surfers in the country. Now I think myself lucky if I turn up at any break and only find 50 surfers in the water.

Did you know that a longboard tied to the rollbar and wing mirrors will stay on at over 100? Steering gets a bit light! Testing done at Brands Hatch of course.



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I choose not "impressed" cause i bought the car from robinhood 2 days before they went bust with a shed load of problems! despite it being sold as new with no problems :mellow: 1 x new engine 1 x gearbox and a lot of messing with wiring loom i,m now impressed with the car but cannot figure out how to change the user name.



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